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 Periodic Table

Learn the elements of the periodic table by clicking on them

Element Song

Beginner- Level 1

Click on the correct symbol for the named element

Common Elements

All Elements

Advanced Beginner- Level 2

Type in the name of the element being shown

Common Elements

All Elements


Intermediate- Level 3

 Drag and Drop these elements into their correct position on the periodic table

Common Elements

All Elements

Expert- Level 4

Type in the correct element.  Only the atomic number is given.

Common Elements 

All Elements

 Master- Level 5

Click on the correct element based solely on its atomic mass.

 Matter Millionaire Game

Free Rice Vocab Challenge 

Basic Symbols


Interactive Periodic Table 

To play the game students are given some clues about an element's properties. Using those clues the student has to place the element in the correct place on the table.

The Elements

Website that is similar to the iPad app "The Elements"
The Periodic Table of Videos

The table features a video demonstration of the characteristics of each element in the table. Each element in the Periodic Table displayed on the home page is linked to a video.

The Periodic Table of Comic Books

For every element in the Periodic Table of Elements there is a comic book reference. Clicking on an element in the periodic table displayed on the homepage will take visitors to a list and images of comic book references to that particular element.
They Dynamic Periodic Table

Click on an element and a window will pop up to tell you more detailed information about that element. The pop up windows cover properties, orbitals, isotopes and more. There are even links to more information, like the history of each element, for each element.



Strengthens basic understanding of chemistry


An interactive guide to Chemistry

Atom Builder

You try it: Build a Carbon Atom

The Science Spot

TONS of interactive resources

Chemistry Challenge

How well do you know your chemistry?


Stinks and Bangs!

Periodic Table of Elements Matching Game

Chemical of the Week: Fireworks

NOVA Fireworks

Its elemental
PBS Kaboom

Chemistry Q & A

Answers from sources you can trust

A favorite YouTube Channel!