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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add my resource to your site?
Maybe.  It must be a quality resource and fit into the overall scheme of the site.

I'm teaching _______ can you find some resources?
I'll try.  As long as it is something that will benefit many and I have enough time in advance, I'll do my best!

I found a typo or broken link.  Do you want to know?
Yes, yes, yes!  I'm a one gal  running this show with no editor so please let me know as soon as you find an error.  :-)  fullenkampl@gmail.com

How long did this site take to create?
Short answer- forever!  I've been working on it on and off for around five years.  A little bit every day!  :-)  The  more families and classrooms that can take advantage of the resources the less work it seems!  So spread the word with your friends, families, students, and colleagues.

Can we advertise on your site?
I'm just starting to entertain this idea send me as much information as you can and we can try to work something out.

Do you do Professional Development for Educators?
Yes!  This is my true love!  I have done many professional development sessions on Google, Microsoft, Ohio Resource Center, SMART Products, Web 2.0 and more.  Send me the date of your event and what you are looking for and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Visit www.LeahFullenkamp.com for a list of presentations that I have done.