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I Have A Dream
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Large collection of videos of MLK. 
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MLK printable coloring page

Acrostic Poem Form

The Meaning of the Martin Luther King, Jr.  Holiday

Timeline of the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Created by an Elementary School

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MLK Biography- Elementary

MLK Biography- Upper Elementary

MLK Research Report

Bank On It! Cloze MLK Activity

I Have a Dream- Replace MLK's words with your own- Upper Elementary

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Lectures 2010- Duke
Each April since the early 1970's, Duke Divinity School's Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture Series features national community lecturers who address the issues of justice, peace and liberation in relation to the black religious experience. 

African-American History: The Modern Freedom Struggle- Stanford
This course introduces the viewer to African-American history, with particular emphasis on the political thought and protest movements of the period after 1930, focusing on on selected individuals who have shaped and have been shaped by modern African-American struggles for freedom and justice. 
6. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Social Gospel (October 11, 2007)

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Martin Luther King Jr. Daily Inspiration- Free
Each day a new quote is delivered on top of a beautiful scenic background.
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The Legacy of a Leader

Martin Luther King Articles
How Far Have We Come?
Martin Luther King, Jr's Dream
New Face for the $10 Bill?
The Life and Words of Martin Luther King, Jr., part 1
The Life and Words of Martin Luther King, Jr., part 2
About Martin Luther King, Jr.
Bibliography for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Martin Luther King, Jr.: Nonviolence on the Move (a play)
Struggle for Equality: Quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr.

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