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Identifying Coins
Drag the label to the correct coin

Counting Coins
Drag the coins to get to the desired amount

Count the Coins
Matching Equivalent Money Amounts
Equivalent Sets of Coins

Learn to Count Money
and earn colored fish for the bowl

3 Levels
Money, Honey!

Match the written words to the numerical forms

 Coins Mystery
Shopping in a Store
Type the prices, the total cost, and change due
Rounding to the Nearest Dollar

Demonstration of how to add money

Dollars and Cents: Set 1

Dollars and Cents:Set 2
Counting Money


Discovering Coin Values
Lunch Lady

 Listen Lunch Lady, you have an especially unruly class entering the cafeteria in three minutes. That doesn't give you much time to make sure all ten of the remaining students get through the line. Your job is to use your quick money counting skills to price each child's lunch.
Money to Build a Robot

Count the coins to build a robot!
Practice Counting Money

Garage Sale Wizard

You play the role of a cranky old man trying to make a few bucks by selling his stuff at a garage sale. For each item, there will be three people vying for its purchase. Each person will offer a different amount of money. Count up the coins and click on the person who offers the best deal (the most money).

Counting Nickels
Coin Count

Learn coin recognition and counting patterns
Cash Out

Making Change
Money Story Problems
Create your own imaginary money

Lemonade Larry
Counting Change
Flashcards, Concentration and Matching from Quia


Money Master
How fast are you at counting money and giving change?

Money Story Problems

Printable Worksheet

 Printable Money Flashcards

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4
Money I have, Who Has
Classroom Printable Game

Dollar Dice Game
Printable Game need dice.
Would work great for centers.


 The Savings Game

It's my Life
Mad Money


Just Charge It!

What's the Real Cost of Credit?
Check it Out!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be out of school and on your own? You get to have a job, no curfew, and make your own decisions about your time and your money. Sounds pretty cool, huh? It can be cool, but it’s also a big responsibility to have a full-time job and manage a household budget.
Plan your Dream Prom

Play our fun Plan your Dream Prom game and see! You decide what to wear, how to ride and more! Find out if you have enough loot to cover your choices!
The World's Simplest College Calculator

How much do you need to save to pay for college?
The Power of Compound Interest

Do you have what it takes to start your own business?

Play the Hot Shot Business Game to find out

Financial Literacy

Learn everything about earning, saving, spending and investing
A Mathematics Fantasy

You have a job for 30 days.  Would you rather be paid 1 million dollars or 1 penny the first day, 2 the second, 4 the third, 8 the fifth, doubling each day until you get to the 30th?  Make your choice and then check out this site.

Financial Calculators

Compound Interest
Auto Loan
Credit Card

School House Rock
Money Rock

 The Check's in the Mail

Financial Responsibility

Dollars and Sense
Making $7.50 Once a Week
Tax Man Max

This for That

Bartering and evolution of currency
Tyrannosaurus Dept

National Debt
Walkin' On Wallstreet
Where the Money Goes

 School House Money Rocks Lyrics

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