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Go On a Metric Scavenger Hunt
Print these cards and find objects to match the descriptions

Create a Metric Pyramid
Awesome Reference Tool

Match the equivalent customary measurements

Match the equivalent metric measurements

Multiple Measures
Units of Measurement
Reading Mass
Reading Volume and Capacity
Reading Length
The Ruler Game
US Standard Measurement

Informal Measurement
Sleuths on the Loose
Time to Move
Fish Measurement

Weigh it Up
Simple Scale- Elementary

Poodle Weigh In
Simple Algebra Scale
Measuring Cylinder

Matthew's Metric Gum Parlor

Length Strength
Online ruler to measure things in centimeters
Go Metric
Quiz on the Metric System

Match Metric Terms and Prefixes with the correct match
Horrendous Soup

In Horrendous Soup, your job is make the most disgusting brew in the history of EARTH! Simply add ingredients from three categories: mass, distance, and capacity.
Maximum Capacity
In Maximum Capacity, you play the role of an elevator attendant who must bring as many gorillas as possible to the eighth floor for the annual Gorilla's Ball at the Jungle Hotel! heck the weight capacity at the top of the elevator. It changes with each trip. Drag the gorillas into the elevator. Drag as many as you can without exceeding the weight capacity. You will have to use your quick addition, estimation, and number sense skills. The weight of each gorillas is listed on its hat, or, on its bag.

Computation Castle

 Computation Castle is a game that requires the utilization of several math skills: mixed numbers/improper fractions, equivalent fractions, metric conversions, exponents, rounding to the nearest thousands and thousandths and place value.The object of the game is to reverse the spells placed upon the royal family of Computation Castle by the evil witch.
Units of Measurement

Drag the units of distance from least to greatest on the lines provided. It doesn't matter where on the lines you start, as long as you start with the least unit.
Metric Millionaire

Rags to Riches
  You've Got Monkey Feet

Measure your ears, foot, and height to see how you stack up to animals.  Great site!