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Geometry Glossary
Math Open Reference

Features animated and interactive drawings to demonstrate geometry terms and concepts. The table of contents on Math Open Reference is divided into four basic categories; plane geometry, coordinate geometry, solid geometry, and function explorer tools.


Middle School Geometry

Demonstrations with links to videos and explanations
 Angles and Parallel Lines

Knowledge Box Math (Angles)



Test Prep Information

Math is Fun

Parallel Lines cut by a Transversal

Interactive Angles

Mr. Perez Online

Angles Associated with Parallel Lines

GeoGebra Angle Activity

Khan Academy Video

Angles Jeopardy

Math Mastery- Online Tutorial

Angle Quiz


Spaceship Builder

Line Design

Lines and Line Segments

Quia: Geometric Terms

Math League: Basic Terms

Coordinate Geometry


Labeling Shapes

Geometry Flashcards

Hidden Picture Game

Buzzing with Shapes