Create Your Own Logos and Add

Extra Touches to Add to Your Presentations

  • Tagxedo- Copy to your research paper (or the words in your presentation) to this site and it will create a word cloud of your papers most important topics.  The apple below represents all of the words featured on the research paper webpage.  
    • Note: if you want two words displayed together, you will write them with a ~ between the words.  San Francisco must be written like San~Francisco to keep the words together.  (I didn't do this on the one below)

    • Be sure this fits within the theme of your paper before choosing this tool
    • This program finds letters in Flickr (photo sharing site) and makes whatever words you want.
    • Keep clicking the letters to change them to the ones you like best.
    • Use the embed code or simply take a screen shot to get this into your web page.
    • Do multiple words separately so you have more control with where they will go on the page.


Image Chef

"Express yourself. Instantly."
    Description from WSD's eToolbox
Be sure this fits into t
he theme of your paper before choosing this tool
  • Create a variety of images, word art, poetry, and digital photo effects.
  • A nice site to use to create images and logos.
  • Select "Create" from the top menu and "All Templates" to see all your options.
  • You can decorate your image after it is created with a variety of stickers, text, and clipart.
  • No accounts needed to create and save.
  • Either take a screen shot or use embed code to put on your website.

GeoGreeting is a fun letter site.  On this site you simply type in a word and it finds buildings that when photographed from above, look like letters.  Such a neat idea! 

IconScrabble is a letter site that uses common icons for letters. 
You just type in your word and icons with those letters pop up! 

 Voki- Voki is a tool that allows you to create a person or object, make it talk, and customize the way it looks. You can call to have your own voice added or simply type in the text and it will have a computer generated voice read it for you.  This tool will only work if you choose Google Sites to Present.  Press 

play below to hear the Voki talk.