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YouTube Channel of Pennsylvania Kindergarten Teacher

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Number Activities

Art and Coloring Activities




Curious George How Tall
Simple Measurement Game

The Great Big Fancy Word Game
Internet Safety
Links to games to help learn about internet and computer safety 

Body Parts
Labeling Body Parts 
Click on the words to have them read to you and drag them to their correct location.
Labeling Body Parts Two
Dem Bones
Sings the song and shows the bones being connected
Short Classic Songs
Videos of short classic songs
London Bridge
Are you Sleeping?
A Tisket- A Tasket
The Bear Went over the Mountain
Did you Ever see a Lassie?
Nick Jr.

About Face

Choose one of my friends to hear their story, then decide how they feel.
Dinosaur Train

The Cat in the Hat
Knows a Lot About That!


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Early Worldbook of Learning