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practice verb concepts
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Summary of Verb Tenses

 (present, past, future, present progressive, past progressive, present perfect, past perfect)

This quiz is designed to test your ability to recognize verbs and verb strings. You will also have to distinguish between real verbs and verb forms taking on other functions (gerunds and participles). Write the complete verb string for each sentence in the second text area

Simple Past:
Irregular Verbs

Grammar Gold

Irregular Verbs
Getting the Right Tense

Simple present, past, and future verbs

See examples and test your knowledge


Verb Quiz

Non-Progressive Verbs
Verb Tense Tutorial
Simple Present
Simple Past
Present Continuous
Past Continuous
Present Perfect
Present Perfect Continuous
Past Perfect
Past Perfect Continuous


Match the present tense verb with its past tense


Printable Interactive Game
Floppy and the Puppies


Treasure Hunt

Getting the Right Tense
Verb Operation Chart