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3D American Civil War on Google Earth

Through the Google Earth Blog I learned about a great source of Google Earth files and Google SketchUp models related to the American Civil War. 3D American Civil War is all about sharing and producing SketchUp models to use in Google Earth to illustrate places and events of the American Civil War.

Historical Sites 

This site allows you to access user created Google Earth files.  These download historical photos and will overlay the photo to the Google Earth image from today.   

 Google Lit Trips

Take a Google Earth adventure for many popular books.  Features books in four categories
  • K-5
  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • Higher Education
Features over 45 literature trips for books including several student made projects.

Google Earth For Educators

A Google Community for Educators using Google Earth in the Classroom. Features
 Real World Math

Using Google Earth in the Math curriculum.  Lessons include

  • Concept lessons will use Google Earth to present math topics, such as rates or scientific notation in unique ways.
  • Project-Based Learning activities will include lessons that will require the collaborative efforts of students in pairs or groups.  These lessons may be of a longer duration and require additional outsource materials.
  • Measurement lessons will make extensive use of the ruler tool in Google Earth to accomplish problem solving activities.
  • Exploratory lessons will follow non-traditional math topics such as fractals, topology, or modern geometry.
  • Space lessons will utilize Google’s Moon, Mars, and Sky for activities in Math and other subject areas.
 Google Earth Across the Curriculum

An awesome guide created by Free Tech For Teachers

 Explore U.S. Presidents on a Map

Google has created a U.S. Presidents Showcase to map the birthplaces of all 44 presidents, and provide details about their presidential terms, using the Google Earth plug-in. You can also see the states that voted during each president’s election by clicking on the tours in the left column of the showcase.

In addition to the U.S. Presidents map, educators can use some of our other resources in their classroom to explore more aspects of history. Here are a few ideas:
  • Explore the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and other historical monuments in 3D and have students explain how architecture is used to honor people, concepts and establishments
  • View a 3D model of Valley Forge National Park in Google Earth
  • View a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Abraham Lincoln and map the areas where slavery ended, as well as the areas that were not initially covered by this executive order
  • Discuss the famous painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware” by German American artist Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze and use the ruler tool in Google Earth to measure the width of the Delaware River

 Google Earth Cool Places

Google Earth is essentially comprised of pictures from across the world.  The Google Earth Cool Places is a collection of places that have something interesting caught on those pictures.  I was able to view a herd of hippos in a river, photos of interesting buildings, mountains and volcanoes and unique formations viewed from the sky (such as a group of buildings with an appearance of a smiley face).

 The World's Nuclear Reactors as You Have Never Seen Them

 Why Google Earth?
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