First Grade






K-1 Math Activities 








Links to games to help learn about internet safety


  Blending Bowl

Select the 'an' helmet. Football players crash together to make words


Word Play

FableVision Place is a town for kids and grown-ups of all ages, filled with stories, games and fun places to visit. Wander around, stop by the café and have fun!

Roy the Zebra
Guided Reading and Reading Games

Toon University
Language Arts






Choose the Right Foods to Create a Balanced Lunch

Groovy Garden

Click on the Dirt Piles to Grow you Dirt Garden

Binky's Facts and Opinions

Decide if Francine and Buster are saying facts or opinions

Visit these great author's websites to learn more about their books and characters


Game Goo

Earobics provides a research based, comprehensive reading intervention program that helps improve reading proficiency, reading  skills, and reading .


Where does the period go?

Drag the snail to put the period in the right place.