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Tax Season

Tax Season

What We Pay For

What We Pay For uses publicly available tax data to show you how your tax money is appropriated. On the left side of the screen you will see the total revenue and appropriations for the entire United States. On the right side of the screen you can enter your filing status and pre-tax earnings for the year to see the approximate amount you will pay toward US budget items. You can enter your pre-tax earnings as an annual figure, monthly figure, weekly, daily, or hourly wage.



PayScale offers a cost of living calculator that allows users to make direct comparisons between cities. The calculator accounts for the costs of groceries, housing, health care, utilities, and transportation. If you choose to enter your current salary, PayScale's calculator will also tell you how much you would need to earn in another location to maintain your current lifestyle.

Understanding Taxes

The IRS website, Understanding Taxes, is a good source of lesson plans and individual learning materials about taxes and budgets. This set of 38 Understanding Taxes student lessons has something for everyone. Divided into two content areas — the Hows of Taxes and the Whys of Taxes — The Hows of Taxes shows you how to apply tax principles, while the Whys of Taxes explains tax history and theory.

Reality Taxes

 You've heard of reality TV. Now it's reality taxes! Apply what you've learned by putting yourself in the shoes of 20 different taxpayers while you explore the ins and outs of filing tax returns electronically!

 Forms and Publications

 The forms and publications resource page, the official source of IRS tax products. The links below provide methods to access and acquire both electronic and print media.


How to Read Paychecks

Interactive website on “how to read your paycheck”

 Student's Page- High School

 Information about Taxes from the IRS for High School Students about their first job.