Common Core Curriculum Maps

Common Core Standards Resources for Teaching

Glossary of Curriculum Mapping Terms from Curriculum 21

Indiana Core Curriculum - Awesome site with completed maps.  Features Vocab from the Core Curriculum for Math

The National Science Foundation in conjunction with PBS has created a data base of videos, lesson plans, etc. that line up with the Common Core Standards.  You get seven resources before you have to register (also free as far as I can tell) but everything looked good.  Once on the teacher's domain, you will search by standard.  Then select "CCSS" NOT Ohio, this it to get to the Common Core not the Ohio Academic Content Standards.  They select if you want to view Math or Language Arts under document.  This will send you to a database of resources divided by area (The Number System, Geometry, etc.) and there are many resources divided by grade level.  Hope this helps in your upcoming planning.  :-D 

Free iPad App of all of the Common Core Standards.  Available for download from the Apple App Store.

K-12 Mathematics and K-12 English Language Arts books available for checkout in the Media Center

Curriculum Maps Completed by Other Organizations and Mapping Resources

Common Core Standards and Crosswalks- The standards themselves in their entirety and divided by grade level with additional resources.

Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project
    Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  These English Language Arts Maps were created by teams of K-12 public school teachers.  They are free of charge.

Curriculum Mapping: A School-Wide Plan for Integrating Curriculum and Assessment in Grades K-12
    Heidi Hayes Jacobs will be presenting in Columbus in April about how to map the Core Curriculum. This two day presentation includes how to tie assessment to the standards and close the student achievement gap.  This looks to be a great resource with a lot of valuable information.

Arvon Township Schools in Michigan- An example of a completed core curriculum map

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