American Foods

 You Are What You Eat


Determine how healthy the food one eats is, including fast foods.

Family and Consumer Science: Healthy and Safe Food

Standard 1, Advocate a Healthy Lifestyle

Intermediate Benchmark C: Create food patterns related to healthy lifestyle outcomes.                                                            

Learning targets:                                                                

5.Analyze food and dietary intake using the USDA dietary guidelines.                      

6.Employ healthy choices around special dietary needs (e.g., diabetes, food allergies.)                                                                           

7.Use problem solving to plan healthy choices around special dietary needs.


What should I eat for dinner?  Does this sound like a familiar question?  What’s healthy and what’s not?  Confused about what you should eat in order to look and feel good?  If so you are one of the many individuals searching for the answers to these questions.  What if you’re diabetic, obese, or lactose intolerant?  How can a person answer those questions?  To find those answers individuals need to look at their eating habits.


The Task

Use the internet to explore and identify what a healthy diet consists of.  In your learning, look for calories, nutrient requirements, and the number of servings needed by a teenager.

To complete this project, you will:

Task 1:  Evaluate your own nutritional and calorie intake for 1 day using the Calorie Counter  Draw a picture of what your own personal Pyramid would look like based on your findings and write a short summary telling how you could change your eating habits to balance your diet.

Task 2:  Choose a special dietary need.  Make a poster illustrating what you learned about healthy food choices these individuals need to make when eating out at a fast food restaurant.  Share your poster with the class.



There are 6 steps for you to follow.  Before you begin, go to Evaluation.  There you will find exactly what you will be graded on.

1.  Form a group of 3 people as assigned by your teacher.  You will be responsible for helping one another in your learning.

In your group decide who will have each of the special needs roles.  Diabetic, Obese, Lactose Intolerant.

2.   Complete the Kid’s Health Report Card


3.   Complete the Calories Burned Calculator




4.   Web Quest - You and your partner are going to the Internet resources to learn about obesity, lactose intolerance and diabetes.

Visit the sites provided and make notes covering the information.

Each of you is a Researcher and a Recorder.  Take your own notes.

Research 3 fast food restaurant menus look at the calories and nutrition facts for each food.

5.   As a group make plans to meet for lunch at a fast food restaurant where you can all order the same items.  Decide what you will all order.  Remember to consider each of your special nutrition needs as you make these decisions.


6.   Make a poster showing the comparison of the foods you considered at all three restaurants.  Explain to the class which restaurant and which foods at that restaurant would be the best choice for the entire group and justify your answer.

To make your poster, you may use paper, markers, magazines, and glue. Your poster needs to be neat, have no spelling errors, and clearly show your information.



Food for Today

Nutrition for Dummies

Contemporary Nutrition

Pyramid Challenge

A 24 hour Food Diary – completed by each student



Students will evaluate their own eating habits, research 3 special health needs and the nutrition and calorie content of the foods served in fast food restaurants. Click here to review the criteria on which your poster will be based.  Click here to review the project grade sheet.  This project will be counted as a test grade.



Now when you think about what to eat you’ll have a basic understanding of what is healthy and what is not.  Use this information in the future when you’re making food choices to develop healthy eating habits.

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