Exploring the Summer Learning Network


In the summer of 2015 the Summer Matters Campaign partnered with the Leadership Learning Community to:
  1. understand the  potential of the current summer learning network that has emerged from the work of the Summer Matters Campaign and 
  2. explore the potential of a network approach to engage new partners that expand the reach and impact of organizations working to improve summer learning opportunities for California youth.
The November 16th Summer Learning Network Exploration Launch

Over 75 people attended a meeting on November 16th, 2015 to learn more about network strategies, to connect to a network of summer learning champions, and to explore opportunities for collaborative learning and joint work.
Leading up to that meeting, over 175 people participated  in a survey that was used to create maps that showed the strength of the existing network as seen by the density of lines in the illustration below. (Each line in the network map represents a relationship between two people in the network, for example,  sharing information or collaborating.) These maps can also be used to identify gaps and opportunities for connection and collaboration between individuals and organizations interested in summer learning.
Summer Learning Network

At the meeting, people took advantage of opportunities to self-organize around a number of topics like outdoor education, advocacy, professional development, mental health, and network weaving. Some of the people who met during the meeting’s self-organizing session decided to form work groups and continued to meet supported by coaches from the Leadership Learning Community team.