Gallery: Abstract Art

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As I sense a significant shift in world politics my focus and abstract works are changing. Feel free to browse and give me your feedback.

All media is watercolor unless otherwise indicated.

All paintings on this page are available to purchase except those indicating they have been sold. For more details and prices:

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Unicorn, Invictus

Media: Watercolor
Size: 22 x 30


Title: Motif# 3



Title: Motif #7

Media: Watercolor

On display at Essential Balance in Salisbury, MA 


Title: True Blue Innocence

Sold at Auction

to Benefit the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center


Title: Beginnings

Media: Watercolor
Linda's Private Collection


Title: Eurynome & Ophion

Media: Watercolor

Linda's Private Collection



Title: Playground

Media: Watercolor
Linda's Private Collection