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Introducing...The Color Fun Run!

We are excited to announce our new spring fundraiser ~ The North Elementary Color Fun Run!!  An advisory team has worked closely throughout the year to develop lessons, create a prize package, and plan the event.  With the money that students and families raise this year, 100% of the profits will go directly to North Elementary!  

What will the money raised go towards?  The money raised this year will help support the instructional programs at North. It is our goal to raise $35,000.

What is a color fun run?  A color fun run is an outdoor running/walking event. The students will have 30 minutes to run and/or walk a course on our school campus. Throughout the course, there will be fitness stations where students will complete a simple challenge and be doused with a blast of color.
Enjoy the video below highlighting the experience of our Knights when they participated in the NES Color Fun Run last year.

It's More than a Fundraiser!

The North Elementary Color Fun Run will not only bring in much needed funds for our school, but will also teach all of our students the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Students will participate in character lessons based on Sean Covey's 7 Habits of Happy Kids during the course of the fundraising period.  

In addition to the 7 character lessons, students will work on improving their personal fitness level.  Students will receive prizes for their fundraising efforts.  All prizes will be distributed on designated collection days. 

Important Dates

Color Fun Run Kickoff & Pep Rally ~ 3/16/18

Character Lessons:
         3/19/18 - Be Proactive!
         3/21/18 - Begin with the End in Mind!
        3/23/18 - Put First Things First!
        3/26/18 - Think Win-Win!
        3/28/18 - Seek First to Understand, then to                         be Understood!
        4/2/18 - Synergize!
        4/4/18 - Sharpen the Saw!

Final Collection Day:
        All money due on 4/6/18

North Elementary Color Fun Run ~ 4/6/18
        Pre-K/K/1st ~ 8:45 AM
             2nd/3rd ~ 10:00 AM
             4th & 5th ~ 11:15 AM
How can I help?        

1. Get sponsors!  Help your child get donations from family and friends.  Sponsors can pay by cash or check. If they wish to pay with a credit card, just hit the "Donate Now" button below. This button is also available on North's Webpage.  If using the Donate Now button, please submit a copy of the receipt to North Elementary School.
Give to My School

2.  Send in Donations! Collection forms and money are collected each Collection Day listed below.  Prizes will be distributed on Collection Days when students reach the designated prize levels.  If paying by check, please make the check payable to North PTA and write a phone number on the check.

Collection Days:  Tuesday, 3/20/18
                            Thursday,  3/22/18
                            Tuesday,  3/27/18
                            Thursday,  3/29/18
                            Tuesay,  4/3/18
                            Thursday, 4/5/18

3.  Talk with your child!  Throughout the fundraising period, your child will be learning about different ways to stay healthy, make positive choices in their lives and ways to be a great citizen.  Be sure to ask your child about the lessons we are learning!