Let's make some music!!

"Music expresses that which cannot be

put into words

and that which cannot remain silent"

Victor Hugo

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About Me

I have been teaching music, either public education or private lessons, for more than forty years. My mother always told me I sang a song before I took my first steps. I am first a vocalist, but I also play several instruments, including piano, organ and percussion. In addition to singing, I love acting and have appeared in many musical theater productions over the years.

Born in Richmond, Virginia and I am the third child of seven. Each of us was given the opportunity to participate in a musical group, either choral or instrumental. My brothers and sisters sing and most of them play at least one instrument.

Lancaster has been my home since 1980 when I married my late husband, Don. I have one four-legged child named Rosie, an eight year old red dachshund.

Since coming to Lancaster, I have co-founded the Lancaster Chamber Choir, served on the Board of Directors for the Community Playhouse of Lancaster County, acted in and directed many shows for CPLC, and been involved with other community organizations.


  • Bachelors of Music Education from Winthrop College
  • Masters of Education in Divergent Learning from Columbia College

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Phone Number: 803-283-9918