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  • REVISED... Substitute Process (Effective January 2, 2017)
    Recommendation from Building Level Administrators is no longer a prerequisite to the substitute approval process. Individuals interested in substituting may contact Jessica Robinson directly at 803-416-8869 or

    NEW... The latest revision of the Required Credentials For Professional Staff Members is now available under Certification.


    As of July 2009, the state will no longer mail out copies of certificates when you renew or upgrade your certificate. You must go to after you have submitted all of your data to the Lancaster County School District Office to renew or upgrade and then watch for when the state adds the renewal or upgrade to your certificate. Once your certificate has been renewed or upgraded, then you must print a copy of your new certificate for your files and you must send a copy to the District Office. The state only mails out certificates to teachers who are being initially certified for the first time.

    NEW NATIONAL BOARD INFORMATION: The state will no longer offer the forgivable loan for the NB process. Teachers must pay the fees out-of-pocket. NBCT's who certified before June 30, 2010 can apply for one renewal for which they will receive the $7500 for an additional 10 years. There will be no supplements for any additional renewals. New folks who certify after June 2010 are eligible for $5000 a year for 10 years and if they choose to renew, they will not receive the state supplement.

    Posted Jan 9, 2018, 1:16 PM by HumanResources Webmaster
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