Diane Howard

diane.howard@lcsdmail.net or 803-283-9918

2018 - 19 is going to be an AMAZING school year as work together to tackle hands on challenges in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM).

We'll be creative!

We'll be hands on!!

We'll movin' & groovin'!!!

And, best of all... we'll have tons of FUN!

fast facts asked by our 4th & 5th Grade North Knights ...

first job? scooping ice cream at Chapin Pharmacy ... college? Newberry ~ go Wolves! ... favorite color? gray ... no, I don't play Fortnite ... favorite book series? Harry Potter ... do I have kids? Joshua & Kristian ~~ Joshua graduated from Clemson & lives in Tampa, FL, while Kristian is a freshman at Clemson ... pets? a cat, Mittens, who thinks he is a dog ... favorite food? roasted, unsalted peanuts ... South Carolina or Clemson? Clemson! ... what do I like to do when I'm not teaching? spend time with our After School Program ... if I could live anywhere? a Caribbean island ... if I could have a super power? flying ... do I play games? Toy Blast! currently I'm on level 1953 ~ that's waaaay too much Toy Blast, isn't it?!? ...

favorite place in Lancaster???? NORTH ELEMENTARY!!!

photo of Diane Howard

me, in the After School Office, thinking school is so cool!

Photo of Diane's children

Kristian & Joshua, thinking they are Garden Gnomes

photo of Diane's cat Mittens

Mittens, thinking he is a dog