ABC, 123... I Can See the Leader in Me! 
Welcome to Pre-K!

We are growing leaders in Pre-K this year!  We prepare for Kindergarten success by learning the roles and routines of school and the necessary readiness skills to help us transition into Kindergarten successfully. Students in Pre-K are given time to interact with peers and adults to develop socially and academically. Pre-K students learn through listening, seeing, talking, exploring, and interactive play. We will learn to read and write our names, explore the alphabet, numbers, and engage in many pre-reading skills. We will listen to fun stories and learn how to retell them to our friends. Our school days will be packed with fun activities and learning centers where we will interact with our friends and learn from our teachers. 

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My name is Anselle Marsico and I have been teaching for 19 years. Throughout my career, I have enjoyed teaching Special Education, First Grade, Kindergarten, and Pre-K.  I am a graduate of Clemson University and have a Bachelor's and Master's Degree of Education in Special Education with an emphasis in Early Literacy: K-2. I am also certified in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education. This is my 9th year teaching Pre-K. I enjoy watching children grow and become confident learners.