Accreditation & Accountability

High School Assessments


National SAT & ACT Test Schedule

Testing Schedule Spring 2016-2017


6th – 28th ACCESS (ESOL - Online)

28th State ACT for 11th Graders (Chromebooks)


1st– 14th State ACT Make-Ups for 11th Graders

28th – 31st State WorkKeys for 11th Graders (Desktops)


3rd – 7th State WorkKeys for 11th Graders (Desktops)

19th 20th 21st MAP for 9th Grade Academy (Chromebooks)

 25th & 26th MAP for Upperclassmen (Chromebooks)


15th, 16th & 17th EOCs for Upperclassmen (Desktops)

16th, 17th,18th & 19th EOCs for 9th Grade Academy (Chromebooks)

AP Exams...May 2017  

1st Psychology: Noon

2nd Spanish Language and Culture: 8am

3rd English Literature and Composition: 8am

5th United States History: 8am

8th Biology: 8am

9th Calculus AB: 8am

10th English Language and Composition: 8am

12th European History: Noon