Mission, Beliefs and History

Lancaster High School aims to prepare our students for a responsible and productive future by providing challenging and relevant experiences in a positive environment supported by the community. 

Vision Our vision for Lancaster High School is to have students become successful, well-adjusted, contributing members of society. We envision a school where students take responsibility for their success by utilizing the educational opportunities afforded them, which include not only academics, but also the arts, athletics, and service. We believe that by expecting our students to perform at a high level, they will maximize their potential.

Beliefs At LHS we believe that:

  • All students possess the potential to be successful contributing members of society.
  • Teachers must inspire and motivate students to learn.
  • A variety of teaching styles encourage students to achieve.
  • All children have the right to a quality education.
  • Learning is an ongoing process.
  • Every student can learn and children can learn from each other.
  • Parents, the community, and the school contribute to the education of each child.
  • Character development is an appropriate element of education.
  • Teachers must have the highest expectations for all students.
  • Diverse cultures, ideas, and opinions contribute to the success of society and must respected.
  • Children learn best in a safe, secure, and drug-free environment.
  • Social skills are vital to creating a climate for learning.
  • Students should be given the opportunity to discover their personal learning style.
  • Students are best educated through involvement in arts, athletics, and service to others.
  • All students should be exposed to information through a variety of media and technology available in every classroom.
  • Students learn best when teachers collaborate and cooperate.
  • Establishing personal goals is essential to educational success.


Over 90 Years of Excellence

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, education in the Lancaster County area depended upon itinerant teachers and private tutors. In 1825, the Franklin Academy was formed as the first unit of what was to become the Lancaster County school system. In 1923, the educational system expanded significantly with the formation of Lancaster High School and Lancaster Training School, later known as Barr Street High School. 

The year 1970 marked the integration of Barr Street High School and Lancaster High School and our current campus was established in the fall of 1993. The combined heritage of these two schools lives on here at Lancaster High. The continued support of the Lancaster community, combined with the academic strength of a dedicated faculty, demonstrate that Lancaster continues “to put our children first.”