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STEP 1:  Please enter your customer information in the form below.  We MUST have a complete customer information form to process your order.  Please click the "SUBMIT" button on the customer information form, then select and pay for your purchase using the "Add to Cart" buttons in the table to the right. 

Regimental Customer Info Form

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STEP 2:  Add each item you wish to purchase into your cart.  When you click "add to cart" you will be taken to the cart on Paypal.  To purchase another item, click "Continue Shopping" and you will be returned to this page.  When finished ordering, click one of the "Check Out" buttons and you will be able to either log into PayPal or enter your credit card information.  Payments are processed by PayPal.  Once you enter your information, click "Pay" and your purchase will be complete.
 Print Only  Framed Prints, NO MAT
 Framed Prints, WITH MAT

 Distressed Wood
 Distressed Gold