Here are the most current happenings at Zia.  To see past announcements and school newsletters, please visit our announcements pageSchool will be closed November 26th-28th.  Enjoy the break and stay safe!

Parent Teacher Conferences (2/26 and 2/27) and Registration for 2015-16 School Year 

Please make note of the following important information regarding upcoming parent teacher conferences and course selection for next school year.

All current 6th and 7th Grade Students, please stop by the library on Thursday, February 26th between 4:15 pm and 7:15 pm or Friday, February 27th between 8:15 am and 12:15 pm to select your courses for the 2015 / 2016 School year!  No appointment is needed, feel free to just drop in during the above mentioned times.

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held during these times as well. They are not mandatory, however your child’s teachers will contact you and request an appointment if they have a concern regarding your child’s progress.  You may also call the school and request a conference.  Please be sure to stop by the library after your conference to select courses for next year.

Please note that there is no school on Friday, February 27th for K-12 students.

Students will bring home course selection documents prior to February 26th so that parents and families will have the opportunity to review them together.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our front office for assistance.

Por favor tomen nota de la importancia de la siguiente información con respecto a las conferencias de padres y maestros y la selección de cursos del próximo año.

Los alumnos de 6⁰ y 7⁰ grado, favor de pasar a la biblioteca el jueves 26 de febrero entre las 4:15 pm y 7:15 pm o el viernes, 27 de febrero entre 8:15 y 12:15 pm para seleccionar sus clases para el año escolar 2015/2016! No se necesita sacar cita, ven y visítanos durante el horario mencionado. Aquí te esperamos!

Las conferencias entre los padres y maestros se llevaran a cabo estos días también. No son mandatarias, aun sin embargo el/la maestro de su hijo/hija lo contactara si es que tenga algo que le concierne sobre el progreso de su hijo/hija. Puede llamar a cualquier hora para hacer una cita u conferencia con los maestros. Por favor, asegúrese de parar en la biblioteca después de la conferencia para seleccionar las clases del próximo año escolar.

                Por favor tome nota que el viernes 27 de febrero no habrá clases para los alumnos de K-12.

Los alumnos llevaran la documentación necesaria para seleccionar sus clases el próximo 26 de febrero para que los padres o guardián revisen con su hijo/hija la documentación.

Si tiene cualquier pregunta, no se detenga, llámenos y nosotros lo podemos ayudar.

PARCC Testing  (updated)
Our students will participate in PARCC testing in March.  If you would like more information or updates from PARCC, please follow this link to sign up: updates from PARCC. You can also tell PARCC what you think by emailing them at news@parcconline.org 
Update (February 23):

During the month of March, Las Cruces Public Schools will be conducting the State assessment, the Partnership for Assessments of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC). This is a computer based assessment for Language Arts and Math.   

Attached is the altered schedule we will be following at Zia Middle School.  While one grade is testing, the other two grade levels will be attending their classes per the modified class schedule. 

March 2nd  - 6th:    6th grade will not test during the first week of testing

                               7th grade will test in the morning beginning at 9:00am

                               8th grade will test in the afternoon beginning at 12:15pm

March 9th – 13th:   6th grade will test in the morning beginning at 9:00am

                               7th  grade will not test during the second week

                                8th grade will not test during the second week

Lunch:  In order to provide maximum testing time, the 6th and 8th grade lunches have been switched.  Please note the times for the lunches on the schedule below.  The switch applies from March 2-13.  Seventh grade lunch remains the same.

Headphones:  Student will be using headphone during various portions of the assessment.  Your child can bring their own pair of headphones/earbuds to use.  If they do not have a pair, one will be provided for them by the school. 

Appointments:  As we want to allow students to test in the best possible environment, please work on not scheduling appointments during your child’s testing week and time.  It is important that students are at school on time and stay throughout the day. 

Preparation:  It’s important for students to be rested and ready for an assessment.  Please support your child and encourage them to have a good night sleep and to eat breakfast either at home or here at school.

Boys Basketball Schedule
 Thursday – 2/26/15

Time          @ Zia                                       @ Vista                         @ Sierra________

5:00 PM            ZMS-P/CMS-G                                  VMS-B/CMS-STR                            SMS-J/CMS-SE

6:15 PM            ZMS-G/PMS-B                                  MMS-S/PMS-A                                 SMS-M/MMS-D

7:30 PM            LYNN/ZIA                                        CAMINO/VISTA                            MESA/SIERRA


 Saturday – 2/28/15

Time          @ Camino                     @ Vista                         @ Picacho________

8:30 AM            CMS-STR/MMS-S                           VMS-B/LMS-B                                  PMS-B/ZMS-P

9:45 AM            CMS-SE/ZMS-G                               WSM/SMS-M                                    ZMS-M/MMS-D

11:00 AM         CMS-G/SMS-J                                  ZIA/VISTA                                       MESA/PICACHO

12:15PM        SIERRA/CAMINO


March  4th-7th, 2015 @ SIERRA

School Transfer Requests

Parents of students who want to transfer to a school outside of their home attendance zone next school year should apply for a transfer now.  Dr. Wendi Miller-Tomlinson, director of secondary instruction for LCPS, said the open enrollment transfer period for all grade levels is open through 5:00 p.m., Monday, March 2, 2015.

“The district will accept transfer applications only during this specific time period,” Miller-Tomlinson said.  “All requests will be date-stamped and carefully reviewed before a decision is made as to which students can switch schools.”

Miller-Tomlinson said there will be a second opportunity for high school students to request a transfer.  Next fall, they will also be able to request a transfer for the second semester of next school year, effective January 2016.

Parents can obtain a transfer request form at their child’s schools.  Elementary and middle school requests must be turned in by the deadline to their original school principal.  Their principal, and the principal of the school to which the student wants to transfer, must sign the form before it is submitted.

Click here to download the form in English, or the form in Spanish. Forms are also available for high school students at the Instruction Department in the LCPS Administration Building, 505 S. Main, Loretto Towne Centre.  High school forms must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 2.

Students who are already attending a school outside of their attendance zone do not have to resubmit a new request form to remain at that school, officials said.  However, if the student is moving from elementary to middle school, or from middle school to high school, they must request a transfer if they do not want to attend the school in their home zone.

Miller-Tomlinson said the district transfer policy outlines the priorities of which students can move to another school, and in which order. The priorities consider issues such as: a student who wants to be enrolled in a specific program (such as horticulture) that is not available in their school; whether there is physical space for more students at the school they want to attend; and, if they’ve attended the school for many years but now move to another neighborhood.

“We will consider hardship cases but the policy that outlines the requirements that need to be met in order to transfer will be followed,” Miller-Tomlinson added. “And, we are reminding families that students granted a transfer must provide their own transportation to-and-from school.”

For more information about transfers, parents of elementary students should contact Elementary Instruction Director Lydia Polanco at 527-6011 or lpolanco@lcps.k12.nm.us; inquiries for middle and high school transfers can contact Miller-Tomlinson at 527-6657 or wmiller-tomlinson@lcps.k12.nm.us.

Spring Break
No School March 23-27.  Enjoy the time to rest!

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Welcome Back from Our Administration

We are very excited for a new school year here at Zia!  Having students and teachers excited about the learning taking place in the classrooms is a wonderful experience to see.  We hope your child enjoys their time at Zia Middle School and if we can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact any one of us here at the school, 527-9475.  Go Thunderbirds!

Zia Administration

Heather Kingery - Principal

Carlos Romero – Asst. Principal

Christy Mitchell –Asst. Principal

Zia Mission Statement

Zia Middle School strives to provide students with an educational experience that focuses on academic rigor, social and emotional well-being, and civic responsibility. Through the diligent efforts of our committed staff, along with the support of our parents and community, Zia is preparing the leaders of tomorrow. 

Declaración de la misión de Zia 

La intermedia Zia se esfuerza por proveer a los estudiantes una experiencia educativa que se enfoque en el rigor académico, bienestar social y emocional, y  responsabilidad cívica. Mediante los esfuerzos diligentes de nuestro personal compro

metido, junto con el esfuerzo de los padres y la comunidad, Zia prepara a los líderes del mañana.