Here are the most current happenings at Zia.  To see past announcements and school newsletters, please visit our announcements pageSchool will be closed November 26th-28th.  Enjoy the break and stay safe!

Our students will participate in PARCC testing in late April and early May.  If you would like more information or updates from PARCC, please follow this link to sign up: updates from PARCC. You can also tell PARCC what you think by emailing them at news@parcconline.org 
Las Cruces Public Schools will be conducting the State assessment, the Partnership for Assessments of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC). This is a computer based assessment for Language Arts and Math.  Student will be using headphone during various portions of the assessment.  Your child can bring their own pair of headphones/earbuds to use.  If they do not have a pair, one will be provided for them by the school. As we want to allow students to test in the best possible environment, please work on not scheduling appointments during your child’s testing week and time.  It is important that students are at school on time and stay throughout the day.  You can help your student to do their best by encouraging them to be rested, fed, and ready for their assessments.  Please remind your child to have a good night sleep and to eat breakfast either at home or here at school.

Below is the testing schedule we will be following at Zia Middle School.  While one grade is testing, the other two grade levels will be attending their classes per the modified class schedule.

*1st and 4th period will switch for all students on testing days. 

*April 20th-21st:   6th grade testing.  Math in the morning and ELA after lunch.  Everyone else will be attending classes as normal. 

*April 22nd-23rd: 8th grade testing.  Math in the morning and ELA after lunch.   Everyone else will be attending classes as normal.

*April 27th-28th: 7th grade testing.  Math in the morning and ELA after lunch.   Everyone else will be attending classes as normal.

*The group that is testing will eat at the first lunch time (11:24-11:54) and 6th grade will switch with them. 

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Welcome Back from Our Administration

We are very excited for a new school year here at Zia!  Having students and teachers excited about the learning taking place in the classrooms is a wonderful experience to see.  We hope your child enjoys their time at Zia Middle School and if we can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact any one of us here at the school, 527-9475.  Go Thunderbirds!

Zia Administration

Heather Kingery - Principal

Carlos Romero – Asst. Principal

Christy Mitchell –Asst. Principal

Zia Mission Statement

Zia Middle School strives to provide students with an educational experience that focuses on academic rigor, social and emotional well-being, and civic responsibility. Through the diligent efforts of our committed staff, along with the support of our parents and community, Zia is preparing the leaders of tomorrow. 

Declaración de la misión de Zia 

La intermedia Zia se esfuerza por proveer a los estudiantes una experiencia educativa que se enfoque en el rigor académico, bienestar social y emocional, y  responsabilidad cívica. Mediante los esfuerzos diligentes de nuestro personal compro

metido, junto con el esfuerzo de los padres y la comunidad, Zia prepara a los líderes del mañana.