Why Virtual Learning?

Online or virtual learning expands opportunities for students beyond the traditional school day and location.  Online courses may be a good option for students who:
  • Prefer a flexible schedule
  • Need a quiet, distraction-free environment to focus on their studies
  • Are home-bound due to chronic illness
  • Are parent caretakers or who need to work during the day
  • Travel extensively with family
  • Are advanced learners
Starting with the graduating class 2013, all NM students are required to complete one unit of the following:
  • AP or Honors
  • Dual Credit
  • Online Learning                    
VLA and IDEAL-NM courses fulfill this graduation requirement.

Who is eligible?

Any student enrolled in Las Cruces Public Schools. 

What does it take to be a successful online student?

To be successful in a distance learning course, you MUST...
  1. Be self-motivated and self-disciplined. You are in charge of your learning. The responsibility is yours.
  2. Be able to read proficiently and follow written directions. Reading is a critical skill in online learning.
  3. Be committed to the course. Online courses are at least as time-consuming as face-to-face courses.
  4. Use the full amount of time you have available daily; you should have a space where you can work for at least 45 minutes at a time or longer.
  5. If you need more time to complete your assignments and do not have the internet available at home, you may have to complete your work by finding a local wifi hotspot for internet access or the local library to use a computer with internet access.
  6. Expect to log on daily for announcements, messages and discussion, blog or wiki posts among participants.
  7. Accept the fact that, if you are a procrastinator, you must follow the pacing guide to be successful.
  8. Speak up immediately to your site coordinator/learning coach and e-Teacher if you are having technical difficulties or are having problems understanding.
  9. Practice good "netiquette" and think before hitting "send."
  10.  Be ready to participate in classroom discussion, blog, and wiki posts, and realize that this involves typing. Writing is a critical skill in online learning.
  11. Know how to:
    -operate your computer
    -connect to the Internet
    -use your browser
    -open a file and save a file
    -attach a file to an email
    -create. edit and save a word document
    -create, edit and save a spreadsheet
    -create, edit and save a presentation
  12. Your computer and your Internet access should both be reliable

How does my child get involved?

Enrollment in the VLA begins with the school counselor. Once the appropriate academic decision has been made, registration requests are made on the student's behalf by the counselor. If your student is not currently enrolled in the Las Cruces Public School, contact the VLA Director for information about enrollment  (575)527-9552.

How much does it cost?

VLA courses offered during the regular school year are provided at no cost to the fully enrolled student (space is limited). See your counselor for details.

During the summer, VLA courses are available at a cost of $200 per .5 credit ($250 per .5 credit for Advanced Placement courses).

My child is currently being home-schooled. What do I need to do to enroll?

Contact the VLA Director at (575) 527-9552 to  discuss enrollment. 
Student must reside within the Las Cruces Public Schools' boundary.