Student Enrollment Process

If you have a student who needs to be scheduled into a Virtual Learning Academy Class (i.e., Financial literacy), you will schedule them into a period during YOUR regular schedule. They will then be cross-enrolled into VLA. Use the VLA Requests tab in Synergy to make the request
Distance Learning Enrollment Process
  1. Counselor determines that student needs a DL course.
    • If appropriate, distance learning skills/behavior exist a fully Distance Learning course may be recommended.
    • If student needs more hands-on support, a blended course (taught within school) should be recommended. This may be scheduled without further paperwork. However, course MUST be approved by Virtual Learning Academy.
  2. Counselor completes VLA Course Request in Synergy.
  3. Student will be cross-enrolled into VLA and scheduled into the course.
  4. On-site support must be provided for all students taking a DL course.
    • Fully distance students may be scheduled into a no-credit course to be monitored and supported daily (or as schedule allows). A learning coach must be assigned at the school. The learning coach will be given observer status in student courses and will be expected to ensure that students know how to get started in the course and monitor student progress regularly.
    • Fully distance students may be scheduled into an "off-campus" period IF appropriate distance learning skills/behavior and computer/internet access exist. A learning coach must be assigned and will be expected to check on student progress regularly.


Distance Learner Profile

LCPS recommends the following characteristics for distance learners:

  • self-motivated and self-disciplined individual. 
  • able to work independently with little direction.
  • good time-management skills and can schedule specific times throughout a week to work on online courses.
  • can adequately prepare and study for exams.
  • can effectively communicate any questions or concerns to an instructor.
  • is not a procrastinator-likes to get things done today and not tomorrow.
  • will not miss the face-to- face interaction with my instructor and classmates.
  • does not give up easily, even when confronted with obstacles.
  • is comfortable spending five plus hours each week on each course to review course lectures/videos,
  • complete course assignment, participate in chats and threaded discussions, etc. 
  • understands that online courses can be more challenging than face-to- face classes.
  • is an average to above-average reader.
  • has basic computer skills and can use word processing software, download software, install software, use a web browser, etc.
  • has access to a computer that is connected to the Internet and has a backup plan if something happens to the computer and/or internet access.
  • is comfortable in a "virtual environment" - email, sending attachments, threaded discussions, chatrooms, etc.

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