Rules and Policies

A child who needs to leave school before dismissal time (2:30) must be signed out in the office by a parent/guardian. (If a person other than the parent/guardian picks up the child, it must be someone listed on the Medical Emergency Card, or they must have a signed note from the parents giving permission).

We welcome visitors to our school. For the safety of our students, all visitors to the school must sign in at the office and obtain a visitor's badge. This includes parents coming on the playground at any time.

Tombaugh Elementary recognizes that children are sometimes too ill to attend school. Parents should notify the school when their student will be absent/tardy by calling the school at 527-9575.

Bus transportation is a contracted service. Problems should be brought to the attention of STS of New Mexico services at 523 -5686. The driver is responsible for the safety and conduct of students while they are on the bus. Improper behavior endangers other students and may result in suspending transportation privileges.  Parents can also contact the LCPS Transportation Department at 527-5998 with questions or concerns.

Each Tombaugh Elementary bus student will ride his/her bus home at the conclusion of the school day. A student will be excused from riding the bus only when the school receives written notification from the parent/guardian.

Students must have written permission from parent/guardian that is signed by the principal if they intend to ride a bus other than their own.  Please see the Temporary Bus Change Request form at the link listed below.  This form must be signed and submitted before noon on the day of the change.

WALKERS: All students who walk home are to leave the grounds at the end of the school day. The school will not be responsible for the safety of the students while they are walking to and from school.  School will dismiss at 2:30 P.M. Students should be picked up promptly. All students must leave the grounds promptly after dismissal.
No electronic items will be allowed on the playground.
No skates, including skates built into tennis shoes, may be used on the playground or anywhere on school grounds.
No skateboards or scooters may be ridden on school property.
No remote control devices will be allowed on the playground.