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In addition to our yearly Jog-A-Thon, we have a number of ongoing fundraising activities. For all of these programs, encourage your neighbors, friends and family members that aren’t already collecting or supporting other causes to help out, too!
Thank you to everyone, and keep collecting!
Boxtops for Education
We earned a total of $3020.40 for the year!  ($2415.60 previously submitted + 604.80 submission pending.)  Thanks to Papa John's for the pizza parties!
How you can help:

1.            Clip box tops from over 200 participating brands such as Ziploc, Kleenex, and Chex Mix.

2.            Shop through and earn eBoxTops

3.            Enter box tops sweepstakes online

Web site:

As of 6/1/13, we have 62 followers as supporters of Tombaugh Elementary on the Box Tops website - this is up from 9 last year! 

Key dates:

March 1, 2013 - Second of two yearly submission deadlines. (This is why you will only see big jumps in our progress online twice a year.) 
Watch for special promotions at Walmart with Bonus Box Tops during back to school times, starting in late summer.


Labels for Education

Web site:

How you can help:

1.            Clip and submit UPC labels and beverage caps/sauce caps from over 2,500 participating products such as Goldfish and Campbell's soup.

2.            Check the web site for special collections sheets that give bonus points.
Our total for the year is approximately 8000 points.  Since these points do not expire, we will continue to accumulate them into the next year.


Register Tapes for Education

How you can help:  Bring in register tapes from Lowe's Marketplace and Lowe's Fiesta Foods.


Key dates:  March 31, 2015 is the end of the collection period for the year.  Our point total for the year was 8,219 which enabled one of our new teachers to buy some books for their classroom.


Price’s Give ‘Em Five

Web site:

How you can help: Collect bottle caps from Price’s milk.
We submitted $402.50 worth of milk caps, and have about another $100 ready to go in the fall. 
Thanks to the Starbuck's cafes at Barnes & Noble University and Mesilla Valley Mall, and to Milagro Coffee y Espresso for collecting milk caps for us!

Capri Sun pouch recycling

Web site:

How you can help:   After you finish your drink, remove the straw, and bring empty pouches to the collection bin in the main hallway at Tombaugh.  No rinsing!
We made one submission and were credited with about $10.  We would love to have another volunteer help us step up our recycling next year.  There are all kinds of programs that we can participate in if we have the people to run them.

Albertson’s Community Partners program

How you can help: Pick up a community card from the school office - they're here!  Make sure you give it to the checker every time you shop at Albertson’s.
The total for Q4, which ended January 31, was $60.34, up from $29.47 in Q3.

Target REDcard

How you can help: If you have a Target REDcard, you can designate Tombaugh as your school and 1% of your shopping total will go to the school.  Simply log in to your REDcard account online at and look at the My Summary section.
Currently we have 30 REDcard holders who have designated Tombaugh as their school.  The most recent Target donation to the school was August 2012 for $191.80.  We have accumulated $142.94 toward our next donation.