Tombaugh Parent Faculty Organization


PFO Board Members

Lyn Boberg (faculty representative

Note: Please feel free to contact any of the board members through the school office (575-527-9575) or by e-mailing
We need you!  Two of our long time board members will only have children at Tombaugh for one more year.
Here are some of the areas you can help if you are interested - let us know!
  AR Store, website/Facebook, teacher/staff appreciation, bulletin boards (we maintain the bulletin boards in the front hallway), recycling programs, picture taking, events (such as Jog-A-Thon, Fall Festival)

Tombaugh PFO General Information

Tombaugh PFO is an organization dedicated to the support and betterment of the Tombaugh Elementary School community. The group organizes several major fundraisers throughout the year, including a Fall Jog-A-Thon. The fund raising activities of the PFO provide monies for activities such as field trips, educational programs and school events, and items that enhance the learning environment such as books, audio and visual equipment, sports equipment, music and art equipment and other learning tools.

The Parent Faculty Organization also supports the general learning environment of Tombaugh Elementary by coordinating volunteers for programs like the Early Bird Reading and the Accelerated Reader Incentive Program (AR Store). The PFO holds regular meetings throughout the year and provides an avenue for parent and faculty volunteers who wish to work for the good of the school and its students. The current board invites all interested parents to contact them through the school office with any questions, comments or suggestions.