PLUTO SUMMER: Japanese Film Crew and Dr. Marc Buie visit Tombaugh Elementary

          How do you mix cutting edge science and broadcasting with your summer vacations? Students from Tombaugh Elementary found out Saturday, June 6th. The students took part in a documentary film being shot in the U.S. by NHK, Japanese National Broadcasting. NHK director Kotaro Miyake is working on a film about the New Horizons Spacecraft, which will make its closest flyby of Pluto on July 14th. Mr. Miyake and his crew wanted to include some students’ perceptions about their favorite planet in the Kuiper Belt.

            The film crew and the students were also treated to a visit by Dr. Marc Buie, one of the principal investigators for New Horizons. Dr. Buie, who is based in Boulder, CO, was in Las Cruces to give lectures on New Horizons at the Rio Grande Theater and NMSU.

            The Tombaugh students enjoyed creating some original drawings of their predictions of what Pluto looks like. After a journey of 3 billion miles and 9 years, scientists and science enthusiasts alike will finally be able to see some clear pictures of the icy world discovered by Dr. Clyde Tombaugh in 1930.

            Mrs. Catherine Huber, the teacher coordinator, said it was a unique opportunity for the students, “We were really pleased to cooperate with Mr. Miyake and NHK for this documentary project. It’s been a wonderful way to have our Tombaugh students take part in the scientific events surrounding the New Horizons mission to Pluto.”

Important Upcoming Dates

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2/2- Stargazing Night 6:30-8:30pm

2/16- Group Picture Day

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3/17-Kona Ice Day!

3/30- Spring Picture Day

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3/31- Walk-To-School Friday

4/7- 5th Grade Field Trip to Visit Zia Middle School

4/21- Kinder Field Trip to White Sands

4/14- 1st Grade Concert “The Little Red Hen”

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5/9- Kindergarden End Of Year Concert

5/12- Starshine Talent Show*

5/15-Yearbooks arrive

5/19- Walk-To-School Friday

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