Welcome to Team Sonoma!
 Our Tracks Lead to Success!
Our school is a PreK through grade 5 campus. The education and well-being of our students is the number one priority.
Classes run from 8:00-2:30 daily.

Sonoma Vision:  Going Above and Beyond for every student, EVERYDAY!

Growing Local Learning

Operating Principles and Core Values

Student Centeredness
  • Every child is honored as an individual.
  • The whole child is taken into account: academically, physically, and emotionally.
  • Sonoma staff bases its curriculum on the National Common Core Standards for English Language Arts & Math and NM Standards and Benchmarks for Social Studies and Science.
  • Grade level teams are highly effective instructional teams.
  • Families and staff work side by side to bring out the best in each child.
Positive Environment
  • Staff professional actions have a positive effect on student learning.
  • We guide students to become responsible for their own learning.
  • Learning is the focus for both students and adults in the school.
  • Mistakes are opportunities for learning. Positive reinforcement is key.