Science Magnet Program

Sierra Middle School Science Magnet proudly offers the following:

  • 90 minute daily course devoted to the science curriculum allowing for in-depth, inquiry based studies.
  • Exciting field trips (including overnight and wilderness experiences) which will enrich the daily science curriculum.
  • Engineering and physics concepts taught through actual student experiences such as repelling from towers, robotics, designing roller coasters, chemical principles taught through labs, and constructing rockets and catapults.
  • Students will participate in the care, maintenance and study of small classroom vertebrates and plants.
  • Hands-on agricultural and horticultural experiences to the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park to study ecology.
  • Students will study the life of a cell and micro-organisms through the world of a microscope.
  • The study of the Earth from the solid inner core to the exosphere, including weather, plate tectonics, the rock cycle, volcanoes, earthquakes, and all things relating to the earth are explored in 6th grade.
  • The study of the stars, our sun and solar system, the Milkyway Galaxy, and other astral bodies found in the universe.
  • Opportunity to interact with and gain knowledge from professional scientists in a variety of fields.