Magnet Program

Pursue the Possibilities!

Sierra Middle School is proud to offer exceptional areas of academic concentration for highly motivated Las Cruces Public School students. As the first magnet school in the state of New Mexico and a continuing leader in middle school education in Las Cruces, we proudly invite your child to be part of the exceptional Sierra Middle School Magnet Program, "where goals are met, imagination flies, dreams are realized, and the sky is no limit."

For more information about the application process, please make plans to come to visit Sierra. Or contact Sierra's Magnet Coordinator, Wendy McCreesh at 575.527.9640.

What is a magnet program?

A magnet program is a specialized educational program that enables students to take advantage of additional resources and innovative techniques that focus on their special talents and interests.

How does the magnet program benefit the student?

The typical middle school curriculum will be enhanced with an unparalleled selection of specialized courses designed to challenge and motivate students with unique talents and interests. In addition, the magnet program provides enrichment opportunities and field trips through the year.

Will a student's traditional education suffer if accepted into the magnet program?

Absolutely not! The magnet school program only enhances and adds to the educational experience.

Who is eligible for the magnet program?

All students within the Las Cruces Public School District who will be in the sixth grade next year are eligible to apply. The students who apply should have a high interest in Science or Film & Broadcast and should be able to participate independently and in a group setting of 25-30 students.

Does Sierra Middle School offer an accelerated curriculum?

High school courses are available in English and Math on the Sierra Middle School campus.