Welcome to the Falcon Nation

Mission Statement

We believe that all students can reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.  Sierra is dedicated to preparing tomorrow's leaders for a dynamic, global society through the diligent efforts of our committed students. parents, staff and community members.

School Supply Lists

6th Grade:
1- 3 ring notebook binder; 4 inches
200 sheets- loose leaf paper
3- Composition notebooks
24- Pencils
2- blue or black ink pens
1 box- colored pencils
1 large eraser
2- highlighters
2- sheet protectors
1- USB
2- Kleenex boxes
5- Notebook dividers
1- heavy duty backpack
PE Supplies
1- PE lock
1- PE plain white t-shirt
1- PE pair of shorts/sweats

7th Grade:
1 three ring notebook binder; 3 inches
200 sheets – loose leaf paper
24 pk - #2 pencils
Blue, Black, red pens (replace throughout
the year)
1 box colored pencils
1 large eraser
2 highlighters any color
1 USB 4GB or higher
1 package of 8 dividers with tabs
1 box Kleenex
1 pencil pouch with eyelets to put in 3 ring
1 package of binder hole reinforcers for
notebook paper
PE Supplies
1 – lock
1 – plain white Tshirt
1 – pair of shorts/sweats

8th Grade:
1 3” three-ring binder
2 packages of 300 sheets of lined paper
(recommend reinforced paper)
24 #2 pencils
10-12 blue, black and red pens
1 large eraser
1 package of dividers with tabs
2 pocket folders with prongs
1 USB flash drive, 4GB or higher
1 Box of Kleenex
1 pencil pouch
2 spiral notebooks (Science class)
1 package of binder hole reinforcers for
notebook paper


Sierra Middle School Gets a Facelift
New Construction of Gymnasium, PE Facilities & Entry, Main Office Reconfiguration and changes to main parking lot are on schedule to be completed by first day of classes for the Fall Semester. 

Student Council

Sierra Middle School Student Council raises $1,000.32 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of New Mexico, and in return one sixth grade and one seventh grade class received a catered lunch from Olive Garden Restaurant.

Dear Mr. Romero,

On behalf of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, congratulations on your completion of Student Series Campaign at Sierra Middle School!


We sincerely appreciate the devotion of the students, parents and faculty who participated this year. The funds raised will go to research and patient aid in support of our mission to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. 

Since its inception, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has contributed to dramatic increases in survival rates for both childhood and adult blood cancers. Most striking is the increase the survival rate for childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) from 3% in 1964 to 90% today. Although these results are promising, new research is needed so that we may continue to advance treatments for all blood cancers.  

We hope you and your students found your participation in this year’s program to be a rewarding experience. 


Mackenzie Kordelski

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - New Mexico / El Paso

SMS Code of Conduct

Take Responsibility for Learning
  - Arrive to class on time
  - Be quiet in the hallways as not to distract other classes
Respect the Rights and Needs of Others
  - Greet people
  - Walk
  - Use appropriate language
  - Respect other's personal space
  - Respect other;s materials posted on the walls
Act in a Safe and Healthy Manner
  - Walk and keep to the right
  - Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  - Say "excuse me" when moving through a crowd
Treat all Property with Respect
  - Keep hallways clean

Calendar of Events

  • Fathers Day - June 19th
  • Independence Day - July 4th
  • Registration K-8 - August 11th
  • 6th Grade Orientation - August 11th @ 6pm SMS Gym
  • Classes Begin 1st-12th