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We believe that all students can reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.  Sierra is dedicated to preparing tomorrow's leaders for a dynamic, global society through the diligent efforts of our committed students. parents, staff and community members.

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination

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AVID Update

AVID UPDATE - Where are we with AVID Schoolwide in Year 3?

Instruction: Majority of teachers are utilizing AVID strategies on a weekly basis & utilizing planners, binders & the Cornell note taking method to increase academic performance.
Systems: Our AVID elective, PLCs, AVID site team meetings & college awareness field trips & lessons are a few systems in place to help support AVID.
Leadership: In August of 2017 all 3 Administrators and 12 staff members will have attended AVID summer institute . Former & current site team members will continue to support the staff in implementing AVID strategies.
Culture : Many have shifted to the growth mindset & belief that all students can be successful . Many promote college readiness & are working to-wards preparing students for the workforce or college.

School Supply Lists

6th Grade:
1- 3 ring notebook binder; 4 inches
200 sheets- loose leaf paper
3- Composition notebooks
24- Pencils
2- blue or black ink pens
1 box- colored pencils
1 large eraser
2- highlighters
2- sheet protectors
1- USB
2- Kleenex boxes
5- Notebook dividers
1- heavy duty backpack
PE Supplies
1- PE lock
1- PE plain white t-shirt
1- PE pair of shorts/sweats

7th Grade:
1 three ring notebook binder; 3 inches
200 sheets – loose leaf paper
24 pk - #2 pencils
Blue, Black, red pens (replace throughout
the year)
1 box colored pencils
1 large eraser
2 highlighters any color
1 USB 4GB or higher
1 package of 8 dividers with tabs
1 box Kleenex
1 pencil pouch with eyelets to put in 3 ring
1 package of binder hole reinforcers for
notebook paper
PE Supplies
1 – lock
1 – plain white Tshirt
1 – pair of shorts/sweats

8th Grade:
1 3” three-ring binder
2 packages of 300 sheets of lined paper
(recommend reinforced paper)
24 #2 pencils
10-12 blue, black and red pens
1 large eraser
1 package of dividers with tabs
2 pocket folders with prongs
1 USB flash drive, 4GB or higher
1 Box of Kleenex
1 pencil pouch
2 spiral notebooks (Science class)
1 package of binder hole reinforcers for
notebook paper

Principal Garza's Newsletter


“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success, have no meaning.”          Benjamin Franklin

Sierra’s Goals and Focus 

School Focus - We are currently in year 3 of the implementation of AVID. Our focus is to build a school wide system that utilizes AVID strategies to help students be academically successful.  

Goal 1. 100% of Sierra students will show growth towards academic proficiency each 9 weeks as evidenced by CFA scores and show yearly growth as evidenced by EOCs and PARCC scores. 

Goal 2: All teachers will establish benchmark data for their students, assess students every 4 weeks utilizing CFAs or other assessments and be able to illustrate student growth utilizing 3—5 sets of data each semester 

Goal 3: Teacher will implement AVID strategies in their classrooms on a weekly basis as evidenced by their lesson plans and evident in observations, to assist student with mastery of content and academic success. 

Before and After School Tutoring

The following programs will be offered this semester: 

CAPs - J. Jones T/Th 7:30—8:30 

Musical Theater – P. Quinones Mon 3:45—5:45 

Photo Journalism –A. Padilla Wed 3:45—4:45 

Language Lab (Rosetta Stone) / Flocabulary –A. Padilla Wed 3:45—4:45 

Archery –H. Doolittle Wed 3:45—4:45 

Jazz Band –P. Podruchney T/TH 7:30—8:30 

Animal Maintenance—E. Brown-Meeks TBD 

Science Olympiad—J. Frausto & N. Wood Wed 3:45—4:45 

Magic the Gathering—J. Pohl W 3:45—4:45 

Robotics—J. Neakrase & J. Wojtko W 3:45—4:45 

Tutoring—C. Tan & R. Madrid TBD 

Programs will run for 10 weeks this semester beginning September 19th - Dec 2. and again for 10 weeks, 2nd semester. 

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Sierra Middle School Building Improvements

School Improvements/Construction Update

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December 16th - Music Wing

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