Student Teacher and Practicum Student Placements in LCPS Classrooms

LCPS welcomes university students completing preservice teaching course requirements!
All students must have completed a background check with fingerprinting and received a letter from their professor(s) outlining classroom experience objectives.
Questions? Please contact the following LCPS staff:
Elementary: Jane E. Gurnea 575-527-9306 
Secondary: Pete Dinger 575-527-9304 

Student Teaching from institutions other than New Mexico State University

Complete the packet linked and return to Dr. Marrufo

Requirements for LCPS Classroom Observations

1) Letter from a professor outlining your classroom observation objectives
2) Complete LCPS Volunteer Packet and Background check (must also be completed if returning to school sites after completing field experience)
3) Contact Jane Gurnea or Pete Dinger to be assigned to a school
    (email contacts preferred)