Feb. 16, 2017
Dear Las Cruces Public Schools Parents, Students and Families,

You may have heard that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have conducted targeted law enforcement operations in our community. We know very little about this action other than agents are looking for specific individuals whose immigration status is in question.

There has been no event on any school campus, but we know this has caused heightened anxiety in our community. I want all families to know that our school district’s number one priority is to keep our schools safe, secure and welcoming to all children who are enrolled, or plan to enroll, in our school system. We do not anticipate any ICE activity occurring on school campuses at this, or any, time.

Under federal policy, schools are considered “sensitive locations,” which means that schools are given unique protection under ICE policy (www.ice.gov/ero/enforcement/sensitive-loc). This also means that enforcement actions such as arrests, interviews, searches or surveillance should not occur at a school location unless there is an extreme circumstance. Based on this policy, you should feel assured that your children are safe at school and we encourage you to send them to school every day, on time.

I also wanted to let you know that under LCPS policy, school employees will not release confidential information about our students to anyone without the permission of a parent or a court-issued order.

Our students’ safety is extremely important to every employee of our school system. If you have any concerns, please contact your child’s principal. Keeping our communication open between home and school will assist everyone throughout the school year.


Dr. Greg Ewing, Superintendent

16 de febrero de 2017
Estimados Estudiantes y Familias de las Escuelas Públicas de Las Cruces,

Es posible que haya escuchado que agentes de la Agencia de Inmigración y Aduanas (ICE, por sus siglas en inglés) han llevado a cabo operaciones en nuestra comunidad. Sabemos muy poco acerca de esta acción, solo que los agentes están buscando individuos específicos cuyo estatus migratorio está en cuestión.

No ha habido ningún evento en ninguna escuela, pero sabemos que esto ha causado ansiedad en nuestra comunidad. Quiero que todas las familias sepan que la prioridad número uno de nuestro distrito escolar es mantener nuestras escuelas seguras y acogedoras para todos los niños que están matriculados o planean inscribirse en nuestro sistema escolar. No anticipamos ninguna actividad de ICE en los planteles escolares en este, o en cualquier otro momento.

Bajo la política federal, las escuelas son consideradas "lugares sensibles", lo que significa que las escuelas reciben una protección única bajo la política de ICE (www.ice.gov/ero/enforcement/sensitive-loc). Esto también significa que las acciones tales como arrestos, entrevistas, búsquedas o vigilancia no deberían ocurrir en un lugar escolar a menos que haya una circunstancia extrema. Basado en esta política, usted debe sentirse seguro de que sus hijos están seguros en la escuela y les animamos a enviarlos a la escuela todos los días y a tiempo.

También quería hacerle saber que bajo la política de LCPS, los empleados de la escuela no divulgarán información confidencial sobre nuestros estudiantes a nadie sin el permiso del padre o una orden emitida por el tribunal.

La seguridad de nuestros estudiantes es extremadamente importante para cada empleado de nuestro sistema escolar. Si tiene alguna inquietud, comuníquese con el director de su hija. Mantener comunicación abierta entre el hogar y la escuela ayudará a todos durante el año escolar.

Dr. Greg Ewing, Superintendente

SBA Science Test Window for all Juniors:  March 1, 2, 3

Presidents' Holiday:  Mon, Feb 20 (no school)

K-12 Parent/Teacher Conference Day:  Mon, Feb 27 (no classes)


Dear Mayfield Family,

Welcome to Mayfield High School, home of the Trojans!  Our mission is to create a positive environment in which all students will acquire the education necessary to become productive, fulfilled citizens.

Our dedicated faculty works diligently to provide a rigorous curriculum and learning opportunities second to none in New Mexico.  The administrative team, guidance office, and teachers are always willing to collaborate with students and parents to meet each student’s individual academic, social, and emotional goals.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that arise this year. 

Eric Fraass, Principal, Mayfield High School





Mayfield welcomes all Freshmen to the new school year!

For more information about high school, freshmen and
families are encouraged to view the PowerPoint presentation Starting High School: 10 Things Parents and Students Should Know

Your administrator is Dr. Miller-Tomlinson and your counselor is Ms. Forbes.  See them if you have questions.

College Fair Information


Presidents' Day Holiday: Feb 20
Parent-Teacher Conferences:
Feb 27

pring Break:
March 20-24
Spring Holiday:  April 14 & 17

Graduation:  May 23, 6 pm
Pan Am Center, NMSU 

Student Commitments

As Mayfield students, we will be part of a positive and spirited campus where we will be able to gain the education necessary to succeed in our lives after graduation. To achieve this we will be active in school activities and organizations, be diligent in our studies, and enjoy the priceless tradition of being a Trojan.

Mayfield High School Mission Statement

Our purpose is to create a positive environment in which all students will acquire the education necessary to become productive, fulfilled citizens. To achieve this, we are committed to providing a safe environment conducive to learning, increasing the graduation rate, and implementing innovative programs designed to achieve academic success.