Message from Ms. Ragan

posted Jan 17, 2018, 7:41 AM by Denise Puentes
Good morning Loma Heights Families,

Just a couple of reminders...
*Report Cards will go home today
*We will have a SAC mtg. on Thurs. at 4:00 pm
*Our 4th & 5th grade Spanish Spelling Bee will take place Friday at 9 am, please talk to your child's teacher to see if they are participating.

***Please help us out!! It is absolutely imperative that everyone follows our parking lot procedures in order to keep it safe out there for everyone.
• Drop off times are from 7:30am-8:00am. Staff members are not on duty until 7:30 to supervise students. Classes begin at 8:00 promptly. We encourage all students to be here by 7:50 to participate in the pledge as a school.
• Students are NOT to be dropped off in the parking lot. Please use the drop off zone only.
• Please do not park in the handicapped parking spots without a handicap parking permit.
• Please remember to use the cross walk if you are parking and walking your child in.
• While in the drop off zone, please pull all the way up and try not to linger too long. We need to keep the line moving as quickly as possible.
• Please do not cross over into the other lane as this causes unsafe situations.
• Please be courteous of other parents dropping off their students.