Testing Information

posted Nov 7, 2018, 11:15 AM by Denise Puentes   [ updated Apr 16, 2019, 8:11 AM ]
We will begin our test testing this week for 3rd-4th grade students. We will provide an incentive for all students K-5 to be here on time all day during the 6 testing days and to show their best effort. Although K-2 are not taking the assessment, we want it to be a testing environment throughout the building and they should also show their best effort. For each day students are at school all day, on time and show their best effort during the testing weeks they will receive a ticket per day.

On Monday, April 29th, we will host an ice cream sundae social. Each ticket will help students “build” a better sundae. Each teacher will keep track of each students on time arrival, staying at school all day and showing their best effort.

Especially students who are testing, please reschedule any appointments they have in order to allow them time to complete their tests to the best of the ability.

It is important that they get a good nights sleep and come to school on time to have a good breakfast.

1 ticket = 1 scoop
2 tickets = 1 scoop, syrup (ie: chocolate, caramel)
3 tickets = 1 scoop, syrup, 1 topping
4 tickets = 1 scoop, syrup, 1 topping, whipped cream
5 tickets = 1 scoop, syrup, 1 topping, whipped cream & a cherry on top
6 tickets = 1 scoop, syrup, 1 topping, whipped cream, a cherry on top and 1 free pick of an extra item.