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Graduation Requirements

 Course    Credit Requirements
 English4 Credits 
 Mathematics4 Credits 
 Social Studies3.5 Credits 
 NM History (.5 credits)
 World History/Geography
 U.S. History/Geography
 Science3.5 Credits 
 Health (.5 credits)
 Science with 2 Laboratory Components
 1 Additional Science Class
 Physical Education1 Credit 
Career Cluster Workplace REdiness or a language other than English 1 Credit 
 AP, Distance Learning or Dual Credit1 Credit 
 Electives12 Credits 
 Total Required Credits29 Credits 

Additional Requirements:
1) A student who has not passed a state graduation examination in the subject areas of reading, English, mathematics, writing, science and social science shall not receive a high school diploma. Students will be required to pass an End of Course Exam given by the New Mexico Department of Education.

2) If a student exits from the school system at the end of the 12th grade without having satisfied the requirements of this subsection, the student shall receive an appropriate state certificate indicating the number of credits earned 
and the grade completed. If within five years after a student exits from the school system the student satisfies the requirement of this subsection, the student may receive a New Mexico diploma of excellence.

3) Next Step Plan– The state of New Mexico requires that students develop a Next Step Plan beginning in the spring of 8th grade.  This plan will be developed collaboratively between student, parents, and advisory teacher.  This Next Step Plan will assist students in aligning their academic choices to their post-secondary and career goals.

Repeated Courses:
On occasion, a student may desire to repeat a course that has been previously taken and passed and for which credit has been awarded.  In such a circumstance, the student must complete and submit a REPEAT CREDIT REQUEST FORM to their counselor.  The student will not receive additional credit for a course previously passed but the highest grade earned in the course will be used to calculate the cumulative grade point average (GPA).

In all cases, all grades earned remain on a student’s transcript.  Once the course is in the student’s transcript, under no circumstance will a course and/or grade be removed from the transcript; such an action is illegal.

Credit Regulations:
Las Cruces Public Schools allows students to earn only 12 credits per academic year. This total includes credits earned in day school and any credits earned in alternative programs.