LCHS Phase 1 Completion


We are requesting your assistance to let students know that the High School Fall transfer window is open from November 1st – November 20th 2015 for January 2016. Any transfer request received after 5:00 PM on November 20th will NOT be considered
but put on a waiting list for August 2016.
The transfers received during the window does NOT mean that they will be automatically approved, but will be reviewed at the discretion of Dr. Miller-Tomlinson and of course your school’s enrollment numbers.
Here is the link to the transfer from:  JFB-E1: Request for Change of School Assignment (Transfer)
Thank you,
Frances Escalante

Mission Statement

Building a tradition of excellence by providing students opportunities
  • to attain knowledge and skills
  • to increase depth of knowledge
  • to become college and career ready
  • to connect high school experiences to real-world opportunities