Our policies are always subject to change and if you are unsure about anything we encourage you to contact our school office for clarification. Other polices are also listed on our district website: www.lcps.k12.nm.us.

Superintendent Ewing's message:  http://lcps.k12.nm.us/2018/02/23/superintendents-message-regarding-recent-threats/

Comment on new or proposed changes to School Board policies. Anyone wishing to comment or give input concerning these policy changes may e-mail LCPS by clicking “Opinions



At Hillrise Elementary, safety is our number one concern.  Each day you trust us with your child and we want to do everything in our power to honor that trust. We ask for your support in helping us meet this goal.

🔴Reminder, the cafeteria doors will be locked at 7:40 AM. Unless there is inclement weather, students are to proceed to the playground after 7:40 AM.
🔴FOR THE SAFETY OF STUDENTS AND STAFF, ALL HILLRISE DOORS ARE LOCKED. If you are visiting Hillrise you are asked to enter ONLY through the FRONT doors, on the East side of the building.
🔴ALL late students, INCLUDING FIFTH GRADERS, must enter through the FRONT doors of the building. Drop offs in our cafeteria parking lot are NOT allowed. This is an UNSAFE way for students to arrive at school. Please, park and walk your child through the FRONT doors, or use the drop off lane at the front of the school.
🔴Tardy students MUST enter through the FRONT door of the school and obtain a tardy slip for their teacher.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Any suggestions are always welcome. If you have any questions and/or concerns please contact the front admin office at the school 575-527-9666.

Check our FAQs at the bottom for further clarifications

Staff Morning Duty:   Hillrise has staff members on duty every morning to insure that your child is safe.  Our playground personnel have their shift from 7:40 to 7:55am.  At which time students line up to go inside.  The parking lot duty staff begin at 7:45 and stay out until 8:00am.  After 8:00 there is no one left on duty.  This makes dropping of your child along a street or in front of the school unsafe.  The best procedure to follow if you arrive after 8:00, is for you to park in our school parking lot or at the upper end of the drive through (this will give other drive space to navigate around your vehicle). Once you are safely parked, you need to walk your child inside.  Our office staff will ask you to sign your child in using the computer system.   After signing them in and printing a sticker, your child is free to go to the classroom to start the day.

Pick-up/Drop-Off Procedures: All School Zones are monitored by LCPD and tickets will be issued for any infractions - Thank You for your diligence!

  • For our students safety please drop-off/pick-up only once you have entered the front gates.
  • There are no left turns into the drop-off lane.
  • Watch for crossing students keeping a sharp eye out around the school area.
  • The east side of Curnutt is a 'No Parking' and 'No Dropping-Off/Pick-Up Zone'.
  • Speed limit within the school zones is 15 mph.
  • Students must exit the vehicle on the curb side of the drop-off/pick-up zone.
  • If you need to exit your vehicle with your student please park in the parking lot or neighboring streets.
  • No parking in the yellow marked areas.
  • Please do not drop off students in the portable area.

  • Student drop-off is at the front of the school (drop-off/pick up zone) or at the entrance to the playground off Claude Dove Dr., not at or near the parking lot!
  • Please remember when dropping students off in the 'drop-off lane' to pull your vehicles all the way forward so other vehicles may also drive in.
  • In support of the safety of the students, once the parking lot is full access will be closed off, except for day care pick-ups. Parking lot is to be used for school appointments only parking in the appropriate designated space.
  • Students may be dropped off after 7:30 am at the front of the school and they should go directly to the cafeteria. Staff and faculty are not on duty until 7:40 am so students should not be dropped off early.
  • Students should have a daily routine for getting picked up or leaving from school. We can not deviate from that routine unless there is a signed written note from the parent notifying us of that change. Parents and/or your designated contacts will be called if your child is not picked up promptly after school.  

Bell Schedule, Tardies and Class Time

  • Students should be reminded to go outside and not to be in the school hallways or classrooms prior to the 7:55 am morning bell ringing. 
  • School academics starts promptly at 8:00 am daily.
  • If your child is tardy to school after 8:15 am the parent should come in to check the student in with the office to assure their safety....parents should always check the student in at the front office.
  • Students should be reminded that they are not to be at the front office asking to call parents to see how they get home. Plans should already be established in advance of attending school. 
  • Students should be in their classrooms ready for class activities prior to the 8:00 am tardy bell, otherwise they will be marked tardy by the teacher. Once the tardy bell has rung, the hallways need to be cleared out and classes will be in session.

Visitors and Early Release

  • All Parents and Visitors must check-in and check-out at the front office (at all times) when visiting the school (this includes prior to school starting). The side doors are to be accessed only by staff and faculty. All parents and visitors need to come in the front doors to the office area with a government issued identification to gain a pass or badge to wear on school grounds, including mornings. This is for security purposes to make sure all persons in the building and on the school grounds have been security cleared.
  • During testing time the school will be operating on an adjusted schedule mode with security (check with the office or your child's teacher for procedures in place during this time).
  • Students must be signed-out at the front office when leaving school early (early release during school hours) by parents or emergency contacts listed on the student card.  Students should not be checked-out after 2:00pm.


  • Please make sure all your contact information is kept current with the office and your teacher.  If these change please sure to keep us informed.
  • Lockdowns: Please note that on any district or other initiated school lockdown that we do not answer the phones at the school, our calls are redirected to a central dispatch location at the LCPS administration building. During these lockdowns, for student safety, we ask that you do not attempt to retrieve your children from the school. During these situations there is no entry or exit allowed from the building until the school administrator is given the "all clear". We also suggest that parents or visitors seek shelter back in their vehicles or elsewhere during these times.   If we have to seek another designated 'shelter' you will be advised by the school.

Other Norms, Procedures, Rules, Policies

  • Student Handbooks are sent out at the beginning of the school year with a confirmation page at the back to be returned after discussed with your child.
  • LCPS has handbooks that discuss many policies in place throughout the district and school.
  • We have other policies in place that teachers and administrators discuss with the children.  For example: Hats are not to be worn in the building by students.  Students will cell phones should have them turned off and in their backpacks at all times while at school.

School Materials, Textbooks, Cafeteria charges, Library

  • Textbooks, materials, cafeteria charges, and other materials need to be cleared up.   Any materials not returned are considered lost and any fines not paid will result in report cards being held until accounts are cleared.

  • Students should take care of their assigned materials, desks, and classroom supplies using them in an appropriate and respectful manner at all times. Any costs for repairs and/or replacement could be at the family expense for improper use or any damages.

**If you are unsure or need clarification about any procedure please contact the school administration and office at: 575.527.9666 and/or Karin Hite: khite@lcps.net; Angela Armstrong: aarmstrong@lcps.net.

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation in all these matters!

Hillrise values instruction time and recognizes that when students are in school on a daily basis, on time, they perform better in all academic areas. We have an attendance goal for all grades. The goal is to minimize absences and tardies and to help improve graduation rates for the district. Good habits begin in grade school.

Other Early Pick-up Procedures

LCPS Parking Lot Safety 

Here are resources you might find helpful for talking to children about violence and death: 

An excellent Q-and-A about talking to children from The Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters. 
National Association of School Psychologists on Talking to Children About Violence
Explaining the news to our kids from Common Sense Media.
And this wonderful advice from Mr. Rogers:
"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping."
To this day, especially in times of "disaster," I remember my mother's words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.
Talking Violence NASP (English)
Talking Violence NASP (Spanish)

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:
Q: What is the earliest I can drop off my child in the morning?
A: Students can be dropped off at 7:30am in the cafeteria. At 7:40 they can go to the playground with staff monitors.

Q: What is the latest I can pick up my child after school?
A: K-2 dismissal is 2:25pm, 3-5 dismissal is 2:30pm.   If your child has not been picked up by 2:45, they will be taken to the classroom and will need to be signed out from the front office.  Continuous late pick-ups, after 2:45, will result in the need for a parent conference with the principal and/or LCPD/CYFD involvement.

Q: What is the latest I can pull my child from school?
A: 2:00pm is the cut-off time for early release.  Please schedule appointments accordingly, unless it is an unforeseen emergency.  Students are finishing lessons and wrapping up their day during this time.

Q: What if I need to make a change to pick-up/day care or other arrangements for my child?
A: You would need to call, text, or email your child's teacher if there are any changes in your child's pick-up for the day.  You can also send a note to your child's teacher with any changes.  It is extremely disruptive to classroom instruction for individual changes/requests to be accommodated or made on a daily basis.

Q: Do I need to call the office if my child is absent?
A: NO - Please send a note with your child upon return to school.  When your child is absent from school you will receive an automated message alerting you to the absence.  If your child will be out for 3 or more consecutive days for any reason please inform your child's teacher or a note (or call) from our counselor will be sent home.  After 10 consecutive days without a note or any contact to the school, your child will be disenrolled.  If your child is Tardy the teacher might have shown your child as absent and a call generated before any adjustment was made later.  You can send a note or call the office if this happens.

Q: Will my child still receive breakfast if he/she is late or tardy to school?
A: NO - breakfast in the classroom ends at 8:15am and everything is removed by that time.

Q: Do I need a background check to help out in the classroom and attend field trips?
A:  YES - you will need to obtain a background check through the Las Cruces Public Schools.  You can pick up a volunteer packet in the front office and get more details.

Q: Can I park in the front drive thru lane?
A: NO - there is no parking designated in the drive thru lane during the daily hours of operation 7:30am - 3:00pm.  Even if you are just walking in briefly, or if your child is late in the morning, please park on the street and keep the lane clear. We need the drive thru left clear and flowing for school buses, parents, and emergency response vehicles (in case of any emergencies).

Q: Where can I park before and after school?
A: You may park on Dyer and Risner Streets across the street or in the school parking lot if space is available.  You may also park on Curnutt St. alongside the drive thru lane (not in the drive thru lane).  There is no parking at all along the east side of Curnutt Street and the police will ticket and/or tow your vehicle.  When using the drive thru lane, please remain in your vehicle and pull forward as the vehicles move.  You cannot make a U-turn or turn left into the drive thru lane if you are driving north on Curnutt Street.

Q: When is my child considered tardy?
A: 8:05am and thereafter is when your child will be marked absent and then tardy when they arrive late in the classroom. After 10 unexcused tardies a conference will need to scheduled with the principal.  It is important your child arrives to school on time because instruction begins.

Q: Where can my child cross the street to get to school?
A: There are 4 crosswalk areas with crossing guards for Hillrise Elementary.  It is imperative that your child uses a designated crosswalk to cross the street.  It may seem quicker to cross without one, but a visit to the ER may not be as fast.

Q: Can I send medication with my child to school?
A: NO - your child may not carry medication to school nor can your child administer it to themselves, even with parent permission.  This is not allowed at the elementary school level.  You may come to school and administer medication to your child during school hours if needed.  The nurse can administer medication if there is a doctor's order and the medication is brought to her office. 

Any other questions are welcomed that you need clarifying or addressing.  Thanks for your help and support making our school safe and enjoyable for everyone!   Conditions change so this list does not cover everything.  We always welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Please contact the school office if needed.