Our Hillrise Lego Robotics teams continue to do a great job at the Lego Robotics competitions!  Both teams qualify for the state competition in Albuquerque. Thank you to the students, volunteers, teachers, and parents who support this event.

Our annual Hillrise Olympic Events are held at the end of the school year!  Come join us for lots of fun and learning activities! 

High above Earth, the International Space Station crew member NASA Commander Sunita Williams welcomed New Mexico teachers

and students and commenced the countdown – “10-9-8 …3 – 2 – 1 Blast Off!” – as 100 rockets from 100 New Mexico schoolyards

(including Hillrise Elementary) launched simultaneously skyward on Thursday, October 11, 2012, at 10:30 a.m.

National Educational Technology Standards (NETS)

Technology Projects

                     A few of the exciting projects underway at Hillrise include:

  • Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Aerospace Education (AE) Program: The mission of AE is to educate, inspire, and instill an appreciation for and an understanding of aerospace in today and tomorrow's world!

  • Project GUTS: SC2 Scientifically Connected Communities                                          Inspiring the next generation of scientists!

  • Lego Robotics Club:  This is a great introduction course to robotics that is offered after-school.  Students learn to assemble and program Lego Mindstorm robots.  Students follow the Lego building instructions and will explore how light, touch, sound, and ultrasonic sensors can enhance their robots. 

  • SNM SEMAA:  A NASA after school 7-week program designed to teach students about Aerospace.

If you have ever dreamed of being an astronaut or working on the Space Program, then SEMAA is for you!   Build a space shuttle, eat and train like an astronaut, and learn about planets, stars, comets, asteroids and more! Each grade has a different topic. Students wil learn about planets, moons, stars, comets and asteroids. Activities are hands-on and students can bring their
projects home!

               SEMAA Topics:

  • Kindergarten: Rocketeers
  • 1st Grade: Space Scouts
  • 2nd Grade:  Astronomers
  • 3rd Grade: Space Travellers
  • 4th Grade: Young Astronauts
  • 5th Grade: Moonwalkers

  • NMSU TILT (Teachers Instructing Literacy through Technology) program, we  worked through a project developed and supported through the NMSU SLED office to incorporate the use of the Kindle Fire into the classroom.    NMSU graduate students  assisted us in developing a 'Getting Started Guide' and 'Lesson Plan' utilizing the Kindle Fire into our curriculum. Below are some links highlighting the project including additional resources: (follow-up program about using IPads)