Semester Ends, Early Release Day 11:00am Tuesday, May 24.

Thanks for making Hillrise Elementary SHINE this school year!

Congratulations > to all our students, staff, and parents for their many awards, distinctions, and recognitions ---- we continue to all shine and make a difference!        S~H~I~N~E                                                                                                                                                  Go Hillrise!!!


Congratulations Hillrise on your continued success and your most recent 'Grade A' New Mexico PED Rating!

Walking Friday "Walk & Roll to School"

A Walking School Bus program is a group of children who walk or bike to school under the supervision of adults.  Remember the thrill of riding a bike for the first time or walking to school that first day?  When walking or biking, parents and children get to appreciate things they don’t notice while driving—listening to the sounds of the neighborhood, seeing friends and neighbors and feeling connected with their community. Parents, children and friends can enjoy one another's company without the usual distractions. The program promotes good health, a cleaner environment, and reduced traffic around the school.  Come get your charms and a punch on your Punch Card each day you walk!

Walking and bicycling events celebrate these experiences and help make them possible for others. They bring schools and communities together for a common purpose. Most of all, they are fun!  (Walk Bike to School)    Please contact Principal Mike Kleczka or Coach Mark Dwake for further information about our program and join them with other parent volunteers walking to school. We will meet every Friday morning at 7:30am starting at the Apostic Tabernacle on High Street. Please check out the following link regarding Hillrise:  Walking School Bus.   Further information can be provided by Mrs. Ashleigh Curry (acurry@lcps.k12.nm.us).  Check out the Facebook 'Safe Routes to School Las Cruces' page: www.facebook.com/lcsrtsSRTS on the LCPS website is: http://lcps.k12.nm.us/departments/operations/safety-and-security/safe-routes-to-school/

Current News

Thanks for joining us for our various school events and for your support.  Please make sure to check with your child's teacher or the school for a list of our coming events.  We will send home periodic information with your child to notify you in advance of what is coming up.

Please check our 'Important Dates' webpage for a list of what is coming up or should be coming soon.

Original Art Orders Due Back by November 6th (packages went home)

Jog-a-Thon fundraiser was another success - thanks for your support and for sending back your pledges by October 7th!  Thanks for supporting your school!

Red Ribbon Week October 19 - 23:  Just Say No to Drugs!
Pink Week Activities October 26-30.  Thanks for all your support and quarters!
October 22 Fall Picture Day - Dress Your Best and return your order form (or on-line)!
Holiday Luncheon K-2, November 20
Picture Retakes Monday, November 23 (office for details).
Welcome Back to school January 11, 2016 classes resume.
January 22 Class Pictures (per order forms returned).
February 17th NM Battle-of-the-Books Author Laurie B. Arnold visit!
February 19th Spring School Pictures!

Congratulations to our Hillrise Robotics Teams for doing so well advancing to the state competitions!  Great job everyone representing our school and city!

Recent News

*Congratulations Hillrise on your continued academic success!  For a listing of New Mexico school's detailed grading reports are available on the NM PED website at: http://ped.state.nm.us/ped/index.html

*Congratulations to our teachers who were nominated for the LCPS Teacher of the Year, Golden Apple, and other awards!  Our teachers spend many hours outside of school with professional development and giving back to the community.

"Popcorn / Pickle's"

Popcorn & pickles will not be be sold during our school year unless designated at other functions.

Popcorn/Pickles and Healthy Items available at special school events!  Save your money and enjoy them at our events.

Support your school store and other alternative school and grade-level fundraising efforts on designated events!

"We Believe We Can Shine"

Space Shuttle Endeavour fly-over!
As seen from our school and area