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Ancillary News

Mrs. Mendoza’s Comfort Zone

My name is Mrs. Mendoza and I am the school counselor here at Highland.  We have been working hard in our counselor specials.  The kiddos have been busy learning about personal space, positive self talk, self-regulation and kindness.  Next month, we will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week and we will have spirit days every day that week!  This first half of the school year, Highland has an NMSU Counseling Intern and her name is Victoria Villalobos.  Miss Villalobos is super excited to be here at Highland and getting to know and help our kiddos! 



A Musical Note! Mrs. Kemp

Activities in Music This Month

Kinders – Singing and movement activities through KinderMusik© Curriculum will include story telling and imagination, songs, dances and games. 

1st graders – Singing with orffestration using small percussive instruments in stations for the 7 Habits Song.  Students will also accompany new songs using bell-tones while playing chord bourdons, broken bourdons, and crossover bourdons.

2nd graders – Learning and singing American folk songs as well as reading rhythmic symbols and aural detection of simple rhythmic patterns. 

3rd graders – Exploring Tone color/ Timbre of class room instruments. Continuing Music Ace in the music tech lab

4th graders – 

5th graders – Rehearsing and Selecting Program repertoire.  This includes a Pop Style song with choreography.  Students may submit requests by bringing:

(1) A CD of the piece “clean versions” only

(2) Lyrics that match the version they submit

(3) The song must have a positive message



Library Land! Mrs. Shelter

Hello Parents,

I am so excited to be returning to Highland Elementary as the Librarian for your children!  This marks the beginning of my 23rd year at Highland and 30th year as an educator.  Highland has always been “home” for me.

If you have not already read and returned the Library Use Agreement that was in your child’s registration packet, please do so soon!

Your library is having the annual Scholastic Book Fair November 13th through 17th!  Of course, you will have the choice of current bestsellers, bargain books, adult level books of interest, and Spanish titles to choose from.  This is also an opportunity to do early holiday shopping.   More information to follow later.

I am always watching for students who are quiet, respectful, and observant of library rules.  These students are rewarded by receiving a book of their choice to take home and keep!  Don't be surprised if your child comes home with praises and a good book from the library!



Artsy Expressions! Ms. O’Neill k-2 and Mrs. Smith 3-5

Ms. O’Neill – Kinder, 1st Gr., 2nd Gr.: The ELEMENTS OF ART are our focus for the beginning of the school year. Kinders used chenille sticks to act out “The Line Story” in August and are now mixing Model Magic Clay colors as they form a rainbow coming out of a cloud. 1st Graders identified many types of lines including horizontal, vertical and diagonal as they drew and colored a picture in August. They are now drawing “warm color” lines and painting “cool colors” in the background. 2nd graders began the year brainstorming all the different ways to apply paint to paper. They are now painting several pages of brightly colored designs and patterns that will eventually be used to create paper sea animals.

Welcome back young artists in grades 3rd-5th!

BACK to the BUILDING and ART ROOM 36!  Mrs. O'Neill and I are glad to be inside with  a sink!

We miss the old portable and its challenges. However,  we don't miss its leaky roof!

PARENTS AND KIDS:  Check out www.smithartroom.weebly.com ART BLOG where Mrs. Smith will post updates about art room happenings!

With the Solar Eclipse eclipsing all the BIG NEWS the  first week back, I  just had to do  a STEAM connected art lesson:  Fourth and fifth graders made Handmade Solar Viewers created from donated mailing tubes and lots of paper towel rolls!  Third grade classes simply used an old fashioned cardboard pinhole viewer.  

Mrs. O'Neill and I will not be coordinating the Southern New Mexico State Fair exhibit this year.

Mrs. Smith needed a break after 10 years and the REAL reason:  Mrs. Smith  is flying  to Tacoma, Washington to

welcome her first grandbaby! Priorities!

Third to Fifth grade artists will be exploring a Russian inspired art unit  by looking at the works of Wassily Kandinsky.

Art lessons will include a fanciful rendering of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow;a  Kandinsky Concentric Circles Quilt; and

a Kandinsky Abstract Composition.

Artfully yours, Mrs. Smith


Click It Corner! Mrs. Long

Dear Highland Families:

Our year is quickly coming to an end.  The students have done a wonderful job this year in the computer lab.  Our kindergarten students are proficient at logging onto a computer independently and selecting their activity.  First through fifth grade students have worked on and created Paint pictures, Animations, Tables, Spreadsheets, PowerPoints, videos and more.  The Istation program has been used through out the year with all grade levels, but the main focus has been with the primary grades.  This program helped develop their reading and math skills. A Beginning of Year, Middle of Year and End of year assessment was given to measure the growth of these skills and Progress Monitoring happened once a month.   The students have shown tremendous growth in these areas.  On the technology page there are some great Websites for your student to work on over the summer to help maintain their skills.  

Don’t forget to check for updates and events on our school website.

Thank you for a wonderful year and have a great summer!

Diane Long


Coach’s Challenge with Coach Britt and Coach Larson


     I am very excited to be teaching P.E. at Highland this year! I am a level III teacher starting my 11th year of teaching P.E. I will get to see your child twice a week for P.E. Please make sure your child has tennis shoes on for P.E.! I am including those days here for your reference:


Newberry- Mondays and Wednesdays

Washburn- Tuesdays and Fridays

Michalik- Mondays and Thursdays

Soto- Tuesdays and Thursdays

Apodaca- Wednesdays and Fridays


Madrid-Wednesdays and Fridays

Nanez- Mondays and Thursdays

Ortega- Mondays and Wednesdays

Shields- Tuesdays and Thursdays

Vigil- Tuesdays and Fridays


Estrada- Mondays and Fridays

Littleford- Wednesdays and Fridays

Nogales- Mondays and Wednesdays

Scott- Mondays and Fridays

Startz- Wednesdays and Fridays

Wood- Mondays and Wednesdays


Davalos-Mondays and Thursdays

Granados-Tuesdays and Fridays

Montes- Mondays and Fridays

Grassel- Mondays and Thursdays

Novello- Tuesdays and Thursdays

Renteria- Tuesdays and Fridays

Rivera- Mondays and Thursdays


Bruner- Tuesdays and Fridays

Campbell- Thursdays and Fridays

Gonzalez- Tuesdays and Thursdays

O'Leary- Tuesdays and Fridays

Rydecki- Wednesdays and Fridays

Tharp- Tuesdays and Wednesdays


Amaro- Mondays and Thursdays

Budreau- Tuesdays and Thursdays

Crawford- Tuesdays and Fridays

Gutierrez- Mondays and Thursdays

Rios- Mondays and Thursdays

Ellenbass- Tuesdays and Fridays

Wood- Mondays and Fridays


     The first two weeks of school, 2nd-5th grade students played a name game to introduce themselves to me and also worked on a variety of skills stations. I loved doing this so I could determine what they have learned in the past and get a good idea of what their skill level is at different stations. Kinder and 1st grade have been going over important rules, procedures, and expectations during P.E. We have also been working on locomotor skills. All students will be going over Playground Safety, as well as building endurance for our upcoming Jog-a-Thon. In September and October, students will get to learn a variety of tennis and golf skills. I am so excited to teach your child and look forward to teaching the importance of being active and healthy!