Battle of the Books

September 2018

Dear Parents and Students,

It’s time to start the Battle of the Books (BOB) Reading Club at Highland. Fourth and fifth grade students are invited to join this club filled with lots of activities that will encourage them to read.

The books on the attached list are selected by a panel of librarians from throughout New Mexico. The students are expected to read as many of these books as possible by the end of February. Most importantly, they will need to remember the plot, characters, setting, events, title, and author of each book. To do so, we recommend that they keep a notebook or note cards with a short summary of the books.

Our first meeting will be Thursday, October 11, from 2:30 – 3:30 in the library. Students must return their signed permission slip to Mrs. Shelter and have read 1 book on the list by that day to attend the meeting.

Parents will be required to pick students up promptly at 3:30 following every after- school meeting. If someone other than his or her parent or guardian or those indicated on the permission form is picking up a student, we will need a written note from the parent or guardian. If students will be getting home another way, please write a note and let us know. Example: If your child is to walk home or goes to the after-school program, please send a note telling us.

Please be considerate. The sponsors are volunteering their time and often have other obligations after the meetings. Students who are consistently picked up late will not be allowed to participate. Please ensure that pick-up plans are made before the day of the meeting. Students will not be able to make last minute arrangements.

Attendance at each meeting is important. During the meetings, we will participate in activities designed to help the students memorize the titles, authors, characters, setting, and events of the books. The students will also be required to take and pass quizzes about the books. In addition, the students are required to read a certain number of books to remain in the club.

In February or March, student participants will need to attend local district scrimmage competitions for BOB so that they will be familiar with the BOB rules and format. To participate in the district competition, students must have read at

least ten books from the current BOB list, have passed quizzes, have good attendance at our meetings, and maintain exceptional behavior during the school day and at meetings. At the meet, students will be placed on teams with students from other schools. They will be asked to answer questions from the books.

The top eight students (most books read, best questions written, and attendance) will then be invited to represent Highland at the state meet. We will notify parents of students selected to participate in the state meet. We will send additional information before the state battle.

All of this year’s books will be available for checkout from our Highland Library or they can be checked out from the public library. You may also purchase some of the books at the local bookstores. Highland PTO is helping acquire some of the books for us. We would be happy to accept donations from parents as well! : ) For more information, please contact Mrs. Shelter at the Highland library at 527-9636 or check out the website: We look forward to sharing our love of reading with your child!

Battle of the Books Meeting Schedule

October 11 January 10 (6)

October 25 January 24

November 8 February 7 (8)

November 29 February 21

December 13 (4) March 7 (10)

March 21

*Students must have read the required number of books by the date indicated above or they will no longer be eligible to participate in Battle of the Books.

Battle of the Books Battle Schedule

(Saturday commitments)

BOB Scrimmage: February or March

District BOB Meet: (TBD)

State BOB Competition (for qualified students): April 27

Sleepover: May 10

Permission Slip

Battle of the Books List