Mrs. Morales has been the Librarian at East Picacho for the past twelve years. The children call her "Miss Terry". The Library is a kid friendly environment, but of course parents are always welcome anytime.

Library Values

From the Library curriculum, starting in Kindergarten, students learn how to care for books, return books on time, and respect and be responsible for the books. Books are checked out on a weekly basis. One of the other important points stressed in Library is the Dewey Decimal system.


Students learn that they are responsible for the books they check out. Please help your kids by enforcing the fact that no liquids should be near their books, clean hands are needed when handling the books, and there should be no pets and/or younger siblings who don't know the rules of taking care of books near unattended books. Books also should be returned on time.

Lost or Damaged Books

Parents please be aware and help your kids take care of the books. The price for replacing lost or damage books starts at $21.00.

Other Information

Kinder through third graders get 1 book, fourth graders get two, and fifth graders get three books. Of course, it is stressed, that if they were to lose two or three books the amount would add up. So please help your kids take good care of their books!!

Battle of the Books

One of the main programs is The Battle of the Books. It is a reading program open to fourth and fifth graders. The students read from a pre-selected list of 20 different books every year. The goal is to know the book well, and be able to remember the Title and Author to answer questions about characters, plot, settings, etc. from the books. Questions go ...In what book did....?
Example: In what book did a little girl wear purple socks?

More information at the New Mexico Battle of the Books Website

Looking for a specific book? Or just want to check out what the East Picacho Library has on its shelves? Use the Library Catalog to look up books.