Student's Expectations

2018-2019 School Year

Doña Ana Elementary School Student Expectations

Respectful! Responsible! Ready to Learn!

We have the highest expectations for student behavior and engagement in the learning process. The table below lists our basic expectations:



Everywhere/All the Time







Computer Lab/Technology Checkout

Bus/Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zone














*Respect school and personal property of others.

*Follow adult directions.

*Use appropriate language.

*Display good manners at all times.


*Follow adult direction.

*No talking.

*Keep hands to sides and off of others.

*No running in hall/walk ways.

*Do not touch student work on walls.

*Follow direction of adults.

*Display good table manners.

*Boy/Girl in line and at tables.

*Talk quietly.

*Do not touch food of others.

*No throwing food.

*Wait in line patiently.

*Use quiet voice.

*Walk in library.

*Sit correctly in all chairs.

*Use sticks/shelf markers correctly.


*Respect the Privacy of others.

*Throw paper towels in trashcans.

*No talking.

*Wash hands.

*No playing in restrooms.

*Sign out on sign out sheet for restroom use


*Follow adult directions.

*Respect materials and equipment.

*Quiet in halls.

*Sign out on sign out sheet for restroom use.

*Raise hand to ask questions.

*Respect, appreciate and encourage the effort of others.


*Do not eat or drink near computers, iPads.

*Respect computers/technology.

*When finished with the equipment, put everything away including headphones, stands, cords and cables,

*Follow the direction of the adult.

*Stay with your teacher until you see parent.

*No running.

*No playing around.

*Stay in designated area.

*Follow adult/monitors directions.

*Be a good sport.

*No physical contact.

*Play in designated only.

*Include others in group games.

*Rough play will result in loss of privilege.



*Walk at all times.

*Sit and play in designated areas.

*Put forth best effort.

*No talking.

*Walk in a straight line on the third tiles from wall.

*Bubbles in mouths and hands to side.

*Clean up your own mess before leaving.

*Walk to and from lunch table.



*Take care of the books you check out.

*Return books on time.


*Use paper dispenser correctly.

*Wash your hands.

*Use restroom and drinking fountain in or near cafeteria.

*Watch for the safety of yourself and others.

*Use equipment appropriately.

*Do not go to programs or web pages you have not been instructed to use.

*Stay on task.

*Watch for the safety of yourself and others.

*Follow all bus rules.

*Use equipment properly.

*Follow game rules.

*No chasing.



*Be on time.

*Have all materials ready.

*Listen carefully to directions. FOCUS on learning.

*Walk directly to where you are going.

*Stay in a straight line.

*Stay seated at table until dismissed.

*Face forward while seated.

*Follow check in/check out rules.

Return immediately to your line or classroom.

*Line up quietly.

*Follow the directions of specials teacher.

*Put both feet on floor, sit up straight, and face the computer.

*Be ready to go.

*Walk quickly and quietly to where you are supposed to go.

*Walk to from playground.

*End play when whistle sounds or bell rings.