Future Trailblazers

Each year Arrowhead Schools (APECHS/APMA) enroll incoming freshman through an application process. All prospective students are interviewed and APECHS/APMA select up to 125 new students for the STEM school, and 75 new students for the Medical Academy, families are encouraged to participate in the interview process, as this provides them with an opportunity to ask final questions and ensure a great high school match for their child. If you are interested in joining our next cohort, please consider applying. 

2019-2020 APECHS Application due February 1, 2019.

A Typical Student Day at Arrowhead Schools includes students attending high-quality academic and challenging career and technical courses aligned to students’ academic and career goals. Multiple pathways are offered in the curriculum in Science, Technology, Engineering,  Mathematics (STEM), Medical Sciences and Health Occupations. In addition, a flexible schedule facilitates each student’s individualized academic plan. 

Students’ academic studies are delivered in a blended learning environment with on-site and online courses, courses on college campuses, labs, and work-based learning experiences. Academic support and advising will be embedded into the student’s day to ensure he/she is on track with academic progress.  See pathway choices. 

How Does it Work? 
Arrowhead Schools are located on the campus of New Mexico State University. The schools provide new and enhanced opportunities for up to 750 Doña Ana County teenagers. Approximately 125 students in the STEM school and 75 students in the Medical Academy are enrolled each year.  Currently 465 students are enrolled.
At Arrowhead Schools students will experience an academic environment in a small, active learning community, which includes connections to learning opportunities outside the classroom through industry internships, online learning, and independent projects and participation in dual enrollment.  

Students completing Early College High School will graduate with a high school diploma and up to two years of college credit, with the potential of earning an associate’s degree.  

Who Will Attend? 
The student selection process will be multifaceted and based on the belief that all students represent the future of our community and nation. Targeting students who are underrepresented in higher education, the school’s population demographics will reflect both the cultural and academic diversity of the region. Enrollment will be through an application process. Information sessions, public advertisements and announcements will precede the opening of the application process. A special effort will be made to promote the program in non-traditional settings to assure that traditionally underrepresented populations are informed and encouraged to participate.