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This course includes topics which include community health, consumer health, disease prevention and control, environmental health, injury prevention and safety, mental and emotional health, nutrition, personal health, physical and social development, HIV-AIDS, and substance use and abuse.   In addition, students will be training and certified in American Heart Association Heart Savers CPR & AED for adults, child and infant. 


The Science Department at Arrowhead Park Early College High School includes study in the following courses:
Honors Earth Science Syllabus
Chemistry in the Community Syllabus
Chem 110 Syllabus
Honors Biology (articulated credit) Syllabus
Biology 225/226 Syllabus    
Geology 111 Syllabus
Forensics Syllabus
Additionally, students with a qualifying G.P.A. may be able to take additional History courses at the college level.